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Album Review: Andrew Farstar – Metamorphosis



Album Review: Andrew Farstar - Metamorphosis
is not only the album name of Andrew Farstar‘s new musical adventure. It also represents a change of his music style into something different or contemporary. Nevertheless, that’s not a reason to dismiss his previous ballads, covers and jazzy songs, which crossed frontiers. On the contrary, this positive transformation seeks the recognition of his remarkable versatility as an artist. Overall, ‘Metamorphosis’ is an album that offers an engaging rhythm in almost all its 8 tracks. Clearly, Andrew Farstar is moving forward with an Electro Pop sound that will please the younger generation. However, above all this, what I liked the most was his trademark smooth vocals that will immediately capture your attention + the short stories behind the lyrics too!

The following is a track-by-track review of ‘Metamorphosis’.

1 – This Is How I Feel  Everything starts with an easy to sing-along song. Here Andrew offers a pleasant experience for listeners and gives off the right vibe of today’s electronic pop music. In addition, I must confess the chorus is the catchiest part that keeps me singing.

2 – My infatuation (Love Vibration) Backed by claps and snaps in order to create an upbeat atmosphere. I can assure you the beat of this tune has grown on me straight away. Probably, it is the leading example of the fresh sound he wants to introduce to his fans. Below you can watch its music video.

3 – Love Is Maybe now things are changing a bit with the third track. Firstly, it features interesting Rap content from the collaboration of Dylan. However, the main vocals of Andrew clearly point out this is still an emotional track. On the other hand, its smooth flowing melody is perfect for those of you who want to chill out.

4 – Goodbye Is Not Forever (DJ Michael Russo Mix) This time the Australian singer goes one step further with a vocal club track. Deliciously, this party version mixed by Michael Russo will have zero problem getting feet to move.

5 – Being Human He wrote a beautiful song that should lead us to reflect about human values. Interestingly, the electronic direction he has taken allows him to sing with different tempos. This one is mellow in its three-minute length.

6 – Follow Your Heart (Dance Mix) Another EDM-oriented tune that could be defined as ‘ear-catching’. Somehow, it makes me think it’s the best song from the whole album. Sincerely, I’m addicted to the ‘oh-oh-oh’ vocal lines and the burst of energy it produces. Are you ready to dance all night long?

7 – Kimi Ni Oborete This is basically the Japanese version of track #2. On a side note, it counts with the participation of a talented female singer called Yuri. I do not speak Japanese but it sounds pretty well in my opinion.

8 – Goodbye Is Not Forever (New Mix) If I’m not wrong the last song of the ‘Metamorphosis’ album sounds more like the original version of track #4 and it’s obviously a ballad. This genre is the forté of Andrew and he gives the crowd a chance to feel romantic at the end of this excellent record.



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