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7 Elegant And Luxurious Gift Set Ideas For Men With Everything



7 Elegant And Luxurious Gift Set Ideas For Men With Everything
Buying a gift for a man who has everything can really be a daunting task. Be it for a birthday or Christmas, it can be difficult. Nonetheless, you can still surprise him with something that is unique and well thought of. First, think about his way of life; what does he like? What does he do? Is he smoking? Think about all these in order to give you a clue about the best gift that will suit him and something that he hasn’t seen before.

Here, we float ideas of some elegant and luxurious gifts to consider buying for men who have everything.

1. J.W Hulme’s Editor Briefcase

Founded by John Willis Hulme in Minnesota in 1905, the company continues to manufacture quality products that come with almost lifetime guarantee. One of them is Editor Briefcase. The briefcase is impressive and designed to have more power; it makes a statement without uttering a word. This can just be the perfect gift for him; it can fit a 15-inch laptop and offers adequate space for his daily essential. The price of the Editor Briefcase is approximately $995.00.

2. Cigar Humidors

Does he smoke? Why not go for a humidor? Perhaps, a fresh and flavored cigar is vital for a smoker. Cigar humidors ensure the prestige and quality of a good smoke. It is therefore imperative that he preserves his cigar with care. Buy for him best rated cigar humidors this year. Its prices vary and can cost as low as $ 39.99.

cigar humidors
3. Assouline’s the Impossible Collection of Wine Book

For any wine lover, this book will definitely make a statement. Originally published in 2016, the time comprehensively covers the most vital wines of the 20th century. The author, Sommelier Enrico Bernardo, covers the noteworthy vintages around the world; therefore, you can consider buying this book as a gift for him. The book costs $ 945.

wine book4. Picobrew Pico Home Brewing Machine

The Pico is a Keurig for beer. It uses a prepackaged box of grains and can produce all kinds of beer. Be it a Whetstone session from Vermont Rogue or Dead Guy Ale sourced from Oregon, Pico can enable him to brew beer of his choice at home.

5. Dji Mavic Air Drone

Today, DJI is the latest drone that is portable in the market. When folded, it can easily be carried inside a jacket pocket. Furthermore, the device is powerful enough to provide 21 minutes of flight time; it can capture up to 4000 videos and 12-megapixel photos. The Dji Mavic Air Drone could just be the best gift for him.mavic air drone

6. Ralph Lauren Kipton Mixologist Box

With Ralph Lauren Kipton Mixologist Box, he can bring with him the designer signature cocktail style wherever he goes. The travel set includes four matching glasses, a hand-cut crystal decanter, a bottle opener, four coasters, nut bowl, and a silver plated brass jigger. The Ralph Lauren Box cost $3,995.mixologist box

7. Montblanc “Augmented Paper”

As the world goes digital, the Montblanc keeps on preserving the art of handwriting with a new product known as Augmented Paper. This kit comes with StarWalker Ballpoint pen as well as a leather envelope, which holds a digital notebook. The digital notebook can translate handwritten notes into a digital text on a mobile device. One button transfers the notes to a tablet or a smartphone using Bluetooth. Without a doubt, this can be a perfect give to buy for him; he can start scribbling in the notebook and transmit to his smartphone and shoot if off to his colleagues by email. The price is $680.

In our lives, we all have men with everything. However, there are wide ranges of products that will definitely make a man with entirely everything put on a smile when it’s delivered to him. Yes, they could have everything-fancy vehicles, Yacht, jets, and many items/properties, but there are minor things they could be lacking. These are some of the perfect gifts for him.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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