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8 Fashion Accessories Every Man Should Own



fashion accesories
A man’s wardrobe is probably one of the most unorganized places you’ll ever see. Men really don’t spend too long choosing what to wear, so a shirt can last the entire week and a tie will be worn with several combinations before it is changed. Men seem to believe that there simply isn’t enough time to worry about clothes or be picky about them. While this may not always be the case, a well-stocked wardrobe is sure to have a lasting impression for its owner when he goes out in public. Here are 8 things every man should own.

1. The Finest Belts You Can Find

Belts are important for men as they need to wear them with almost everything. From formals to casuals, belts not only make a man look smart but also help in tucking in a shirt better, adding a cleaner look to his image. A man’s wardrobe must have a collection of belts that would surely be required at some point of time.

2. Bags – Because They Matter at All Times

We all know how important bags are. Whether it be for travelling or simply a day at the office, bags accompany at all times. Everything that one needs can be packed into them. Too many bags risk clogging up the wardrobe, so it is wise to keep a select few that are tough and yet aesthetic.

Leather Bifold Wallet
3. Wallets Are A Natural Inclusion

Carrying the same wallet around is not a good idea. Sometimes, a bit of change suits the occasion. Wallets tend to be stuffed and filled with cards, papers, bills and all sorts of things. Often, they are not cleaned, and this results in wallets being puffed up to enormous sizes. Have a good set of wallets that you can use for the occasion and as a replacement if one of your previous wallets suffers damage.

4. Suits and Other Formal Attire

Suits are a must for a wardrobe. Bespoke suits are better than readymade ones, so if you have the resources to spend, do so on something that really stands out. If you like a designer, go to his or her website and check the one that you like. Some designers can get expensive, but no expense can be too great for a lovely suit.

5. Sunglasses for Style and Better Protected Eyes

Sunglasses are very useful accessories and certainly necessary for any man’s wardrobe. Not all sunglasses suit all people. It is important to look for the right one and before acquiring it. While giving you a lovely look of urban fashion, sunglasses also protect the eye contour from the harmful rays of the sun.

6. Casuals for The Merry Days Out

It is necessary to store ample sets of casual wear for both summers and winters. These come in handy for picnics, hikes and other casual activities like going out on an informal visit. Casuals are comfortable and easier to maintain.

men hat
7. Hats, Handkerchiefs and More

All you need is hats for cold days or snow, handkerchiefs as a compulsion and anything else that you feel you need a lot. Each wardrobe differs from the other, and it depends on the owner to choose which items he would like to keep in there.

8. A Collection for Shoes

Beyond the wardrobe, shoes are an important accessory for all men. You must be equipped with adequate pairs of shoes for all occasions and so that they may not look monotonous. Shoes are like the finishing touch to the apparel of a smart looking gentleman, so take care of them.collection shoesIt takes a little bit of time and effort to organize a wardrobe very well. It is important to refurbish the wardrobe at least once in six months. Cleaning it of stuff that is no longer required, while keeping one’s clothes clean and tidy is the ultimate secret to being well dressed. It may probably seem an anomaly that one would spend good time on a simple wardrobe, but remember, what comes out of there may have important impressions during events like interviews and meetings. Maybe your wardrobe just needs a bit of your care.

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How About For Chic Men –



chic menHistory, is among the top men’s fashion and apparel brands within the online space in Canada and the United States of America. They are in the premium clothing retail business for the past 20 years and among the most sought after online clothing brands for men.

Brand Values:
• Fierce distinctiveness
• Diverse
• Advanced
• Fearless
• Seeking a better life

Tailorformen Launches The Official Online Store

They recently launched their first official store for addressing the needs of the global fashion fraternity. They have developed separate product lines for offering a wide variety of products to cater to a variety of different styles and preferences from highly trendy to athleisure clothing and accessories to more casual everyday basic fashion apparel. Their product range also includes a wide variety of apothecary i.e. waxes, oil, shampoos, scented candles, etc. making it a one-stop high street destination for all western wear wardrobe demands.

Clear cut functionality, customer-centric navigation, and multiple filter functions simplify the search for required products. The store design not only facilitates a great degree of brand identification but also ensures a connotation to high-quality digital imaging and an interactive sizing guide producing an authentic shopping experience.

They understand the strategic importance of service experience in developing mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationships with customers that is why bringing attractive and responsible fashion and improve the quality of customer service are priorities.

This brand has always been able to provide the best in fashion to its customers through a distinctive and flexible model that is open to adjusting to the constant changes that happen during the season. At the same time, they can respond to key trends and develop them into wearable fashion in the shortest possible time for a collection that is fun, vibrant, and expensive.

accessories tailorformen
To make an impact in society and play their role, Tailorformen is also focusing on corporate social responsibility initiatives. The main objective of participating in corporate social responsibility initiatives is to work for the welfare of the employees, community, and the customers they serve regularly from different regions.

Why you should opt for

Their products are well differentiated from the competitors in terms of quality, comfort, stitching quality, variety, and innovation fabric. The brand was created keeping in view the needs and expectations of chic men who enjoy luxuriating latest apparel trends, be it be style, music, technology, or social networking as a means to express their personal feelings and personality.

Payment Methods

Customers can choose from various payment methods including but not limited to Shop Pay, GPay, and PayPal.


On top of providing world-class customer experience and products; they are also giving their customers a chance to participate in a lottery on purchase of 400 USD. Participation in the lottery will allow customers to win a Grand Prize of 1 Million Dollar. They consider the lottery as a gesture of appreciation for their customers who trust Tailorformen from the past 20 years and have helped them in developing a strong brand which they are today.

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Fashion Tips For Men To Look Stylish All Summer Long



Fashion Tips For Men To Look Stylish All Summer Long
As a general rule of thumb, women tend to focus on fashion more than men. In fact, most men don’t really pay attention to what they put on in the morning after they roll out of bed. Putting a little bit of time and effort into your appearance, however, can go a long way toward boosting your confidence and helping you get ahead in life. The summer is not long, so we want to give you some advice about stylish looks to wear this season, take your wardrobe to the next level, and get ready because it will go further than just men’s swimwear inside your luggage. Check out the following summer fashion tips for men to get some ideas and inspiration on how to upgrade your look:

1. Invest in a high-end watch

One way to instantly elevate your style is by investing in a watch with a beautiful, classic style. Today, there are a lot of high-tech watches and devices on the market – look no further than Apple watches or Fitbits for examples of wearable technology. Over time, these trends are likely to fade. High-end watches with a sleek, elegant style, however, will remain fashionable forever. It is worth investing in a watch that you can wear for many years to come.

high-end watch
2. Purchase a couple of button-down shirts

Button-down shirts are a great option for the summer. Typically, they are made from lightweight, breathable fabrics. They also fit relatively loosely, allowing the air to flow underneath them. A casual white button-down shirt is a great choice for most summer days. To keep the look from being too formal, leave the collar unbuttoned and roll the sleeves up a little bit. You can pair a shirt like this with everything from jeans to shorts.

Button-down shirts
For the evening, a casual button-down shirt in a classic shade of navy blue is a great option. This can help you stay cool while at the same time allowing you to look your best. If you want to add a little bit more excitement to your look, consider choosing a navy shirt with a pattern. Paisley and polka dots are both great choices.

3. Buy a pair of boat shoes

Flip-flops may be comfortable but they don’t do a lot to elevate your style. At the same time, however, you obviously need to find shoes that will keep your feet cool. This is where boat shoes come into the picture. Not only are these shoes really comfortable to wear but they also are a little bit dressier than flip-flops. They are the perfect choice for casual summer days since they can keep your feet cool and comfortable all day long while at the same time allowing you to look fashionable. Quality leather sandals can also be an option, try Sole Trader for more info on this trend.

sandals men4. Try wearing Henley shirts

T-shirts are the go-to choice for most men – with good reason. They are extremely comfortable to wear. At the same time, however, they are quite lacking from a fashion standpoint. Baggy and shapeless, they tend to leave you looking like you didn’t put much thought into your appearance. One way to get around this problem is by purchasing Henley shirts. At the most basic level, these are simple T-shirts. The primary difference is that they have buttons at the neck. Despite their simple design, they can go a long way toward making you look stylish. As long as they fit well, they can also help make you look more muscular and well-toned.

Henley shirts

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The Meaning Of Cocconero — The New Bag For Men



The name Coco originates from the word ‘Coccolone’ meaning to be a ‘big softy’ in conjunction with Nero, being a strong symbol of color, works together to make Cocconero. In where any man of any culture and country wearing a beard is able to look brave and strong but also has a good soul. This man has no political attitude, he does have a story to tell. The story of his life. He carries this bag, that is able to carry his most important things on his journey.

The Bags
Space for your eventful life “Napoleone”

Are you planning your next trip? Better if your luggage stays as compact as possible. On flights, for example, every kilo of weight and every centimeter of volume counts. You also like to have one hand free while the other carries the luggage. It would make sense to have a really intelligent bag that fulfills all these requirements and still looks great.

bag for men
This fashion brand has designed the Napoleone, modeled on the fish Napoleone. The idea: A bag that you carry as close to your body as possible. You can wear it over your clothes, but also underneath, for example under your jacket or coat, which is safer in a crowd. And so close to your body you hardly feel the weight, whatever you are carrying.

Many compartments for a lot of order

After all, you want to be equipped on the road. Smartphone, tablet, earphones, wallet, glasses, keys, reading, and whatever else you need – in your city or anywhere.

The Napoleone has been thought out down to the last detail. Outside it offers you two compartments with zipper and one with button closure. Inside the bag, you also have order thanks to two separate compartments.

Stable and versatile in a striking look

And because your Napoleone is to accompany you for decades through thick and thin, it is made of the finest Italian cowhide leather with stable stitching – handmade from a Swiss manufactory. The zippers and the comfortable, adjustable nylon carrying strap are also stable. Adjustable so you can carry your bag across your belly, across your back or around your hips.

Now all you have to do is to choose: The Napoleone is available in smooth leather, black or maroon brown. Or black in crocostyle. So you are ready for your next trip.

Slimly packed on the way “Palamita”

You have your next appointment in the city or are somewhere else on the move? Sure, you like to carry the most important things with you. Preferably without your remaining pockets bursting at the seams. In any case, everything should be within easy reach. And yes, the bag should also look great, of course, made of beautiful material and top workmanship.

Cocconero designed the Palamita, traced in its form to the fish of the same name. The solution: A bag that is worn directly on the body. You can wear it over your clothes or underneath, for example under your jacket or coat. It’s safer in a crowd, too. The weight is not a factor here anyway.

Compact for everything important

So you have the most important things with you on the way. Smartphone, wallet, glasses, keys, and one or two additional items – wherever you are, downtown, or somewhere on your journey.

The Palamita is compact and at the same time extremely versatile. Outside it has two compartments, one with zipper and one with button closure. Two separate compartments inside the bag also ensure the desired order.

Differently wearable design

And because your Palamita will be your companion for decades to come, it is made of the finest Italian cowhide leather with stable stitching – handmade from a Swiss manufactory. The zippers and the comfortable, adjustable nylon carrying strap are also durable. You adjust your bag so that you can carry it across your belly, across your back or around your hips.

Now you have the choice: The Palamita comes in smooth leather, black or maroon brown. Or black in crocostyle. This will get you ready for your next city trip.

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Knotty ClutchBags Are The Future Of Bag Design, Interview With Saif Taj



Knotty ClutchBags Are The Future Of Bag Design, Interview With Saif Taj

Saif Taj – co-founder at Knotty and Tazeen Saif – Designer at Knotty

Saif Taj noticed a gap in the market – the need for a small, versatile, all-in-one bag to suit both men and women. From this realization, he co-founded Knotty, a bespoke bag company specializing in quirky, practical designs.

We got the chance to speak with Saif to find out more about his unique designs and how they represent the future of fashion.

Knotty ClutchBags. Dress to Impress!

Bags are dotted and T’s are crossed. Knotty ClutchBags

1 — What is the inspiration behind creating this project?

Clutches and folios are on the rise even with men as people want to carry light and have their everyday business utility items available on the go. In addition to this, people prefer having a single bag to meet all their needs – whether they’re going to a business meeting or having a casual day out. I realized that no multi-purpose bag like this was on the market, and decided to create one. So yes – it’s a clutch, a folio and a laptop bag all in one! This concept really sets us apart.

2  — Why does this need to exist in the world?

We live in an age where convenience is essential. A bag like ours, which has an easy-grab pen pocket and dual slots on the rear for storing and swapping business cards, can provide great value to consumers. I know this because the concept for these features struck me when I was out traveling – I would reach for my pen and business cards and struggle to find them. And people buy laptop bags based on their tastes, and colours and designs are generally pretty similar across brands. So we decided to make our designs really unique.

3  — Why is this better than other solutions on the market?

Because it’s forward-thinking. The world we live in is fast turning from micro to nano-sized. We want to shake up standard designs whilst eliminating excessive weight and size, without compromising on quality, design, and features. Our Knotty ClutchBag does this.

After working on countless designs over the past few years, my wife and I came up with 20 designs that suit the needs of every modern man and woman. Our multi-purpose bag is durable and fashionable, made with 100% premium, genuine cow leather. It features a minimalist design and maximum utility, with 14 Knice Features on a simple stitched piece of leather. We were inspired by wanting to make something that works with what people are wearing right now.

4  — ClutchBags haven’t existed until now – it’s being introduced for the first time.

Yes! We are so proud to have made such a revolutionary bag design. It also fits both laptops and tablets of up to 13.3. inches – it’s incredibly light and slim.


knotty clutchbag
ClutchBags are an incredible new bag design offering consumers both style and versatility. They are the perfect statement piece to go with any outfit or outing – whether it’s date night or you’re simply taking it to work. To support this project, visit Knotty’s Kickstarter page link below to make a pledge and earn a reward. 

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Fashion Advice For Men From The Waist Down



Fashion Advice For Men From The Waist Down

© [eranicle] /Adobe Stock

Fashion is just as important for men as it is for women. After all, men like to look good and impress friends or colleagues with their image too. Choosing the right clothes is not always easy though which makes finding the best fashion tips wise. While much attention is given to what happens above the waist in men’s fashion, it is also essential to get it right below the waist as well. If you are looking for some pointers here, the below should give you a great headstart.

Buy a pair of cool boots

If you want to wow people with your look then the shoes you walk around in are key. Forget standard trainers or formal brogues though – a great fashion trend right now is rocking some awesome men’s boots. Boots are not only comfortable to wear and stylish to look at but they are very versatile. They can be equally at home in the office or on a night out with friends!

© [eranicle] /Adobe Stock

Try out a leather belt with buckle

Although wearing a belt may seem a small thing, the effect it has on how good you look is much bigger. It is also pretty handy if your trousers or jeans are a little too big! Belts give you chance to express your individual style and also help to give your whole outfit a real lift. Leather is the best sort to go for here as it not only looks better but will last longer. Choosing a belt with a distinctive metal buckle will also help to make you look more interesting and stand out from the crowd.

© [fortton] /Adobe Stock

Why not go smart-casual with trendy jeans?

If you are looking to change your look up a bit, why not invest in some smart jeans to dazzle people with? The really great thing about this tip is that they will come in useful for a whole range of situations. For the office, you can team them with a tucked-in shirt for that professional vibe while you can go more informal on a night out by pairing them with a statement t-shirt. Key to making this work is finding the cut of jean that works best for you and also choosing the colour carefully.

© [ayuk1] /Adobe Stock

Don’t overlook your socks

As with a belt, some men can totally underestimate how big an impact the socks they wear have. The major two things to remember here are to wear the right colour with the right outfit while also remembering there are many types of sock to try out. Even changing your normal plain black for a patterned grey will add some instant style to your appearance. In terms of wearing the right sock for the right outfit, the main thing to avoid is wearing white sport socks with formal trousers/shoes. These just do not look right!

Below the waist can make or break your look

The important thing to take from all this is how key the clothes you wear below the waist are to your image. Making the right choices here can help you get noticed for all the right reasons. If you need a few pieces of fashion advice in this area, the above should help.

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