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80 EMPIRE Triumphantly Return With “Be Happy Make Love”



80 Empire
80 Empire return with this bumping heart thumping anthem. “Be Happy Make Love” is created in the spirit of global unity and just overall having fun in the midst of troubling times.

Who is 80 Empire?
First. The number “80” in their moniker isn’t a not-so-subtle homage to an 80’s revival in music these days. Their songs are in fact informed by a cross-generational pastiche of Pop, R&B and Club music. The “80” is the phonetic of “A-D.” As in Analog/Digital. Clever these brothers, eh? And quite appropriate. for Analog/Digital aptly describes their personalities to a proverbial tee. One, is emotional and impulsive favoring Antiques and things with age and patina (Analog), while the other is ordered and methodical with a penchant for Star Wars and all things technological (Digital). It’s a unique combination, just like their music.

With their eclectic tastes driving them, over the next fifteen years, the pair developed a reputation as production chameleons crafting big sounds for major record labels for some of US & Canada’s most esteemed emerging artists. By fusing influences as diverse as Jazz, Soul, Opera, and Blues, they have also augmented their laundry list of accomplishments to include the scoring of music for short films.

80 Empire will be dropping multiple singles in 2019 so stay tuned!



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