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9 Things You Didn’t Know About I Wear* Experiment



9 Things You Didn't Know About I Wear* Experiment
I Wear* Experiment
is a punchy nordic Electro trio leaning towards experimentation and cinematic soundscapes. Get more details in this exclusive interview.

1 – Tell us a little about the music scene in your homeland.
Especially in the recent 5 years, the Estonian and the Baltic music scene has grown into a very innovative and fresh environment and artists want to conquer new territories. I guess the reason is the few good success stories of Ewert & The Two Dragons, Mord Fustang, Cartoon, Kerli, and Metsatöll (they represent a very big variety of genres – from Indie Folk to EDM to Metal. Also, showcase festivals like Tallinn Music Week are showing the artists how the music business works and help to get new contacts all over the world.

2 – You have just released your debut album, What was the concept behind the release?

Before Patience LP we did 3 EPs in a very short timeframe. With ‘Patience’ LP we took time and left no stones unturned. We did our best to craft the songs as well as we could. So it was a great experience and learning curve to writing better songs, choose better sounds, understand how different sounds work together, and so on. Our goal was not to have any filler songs so from the 24 or 25 songs we created for the album only 8 made the cut.

3 – The album is headed up by Deepfreeze – tell us about the song…

Deepfreeze was the first song we all felt like it represents IWE the best and should be the first single- It’s a combination of dark instrumental and calming vocals. The story behind the song is that we wanted to capture the moment of being not awake and not really asleep too and the sudden rush of anxiety.


4 – Which song is your personal favorite from the collection? 

Our personal favorite is “I’m Loving It”. Personally, I think its the best lyrics we’ve ever written – like a knife that somebody is slowly pushing and twisting deeper and deeper in your heart. Also to play it live is a great joy as that drum and bass groove you can just play forever.

5 – How does the album translate to a live setting?

Our live show is more intense and powerful than the album. It has a more rockish vibe to it as we use guitars and real drums but also heavy electronics which we push to the limit. Light & visuals are also a very important part of our live concept so we always strongly suggest people to bring sunglasses to the show.

6 – Which is the greater buzz – recording or performing?

Right now I will say recording. As we finished recording the album about 6 months ago we’re eager to go back to our studio and start creating new songs. But after some months in the studio, we would do everything just to get on stage and go crazy there. Nevertheless, we are super excited and looking forward to our festival gigs this summer. As our music is diverse we’ll have the chance to play in festivals together with artists like The Prodigy,  John Newman,  Avicii, Tiesto or some very indie stuff like Me & My Drummer.

7 – Your profile in Estonia is huge and you recently supported Hurts. How does it feel to be starting as a new band in a new territory?

Supporting Hurts was a great experience as in very few days we could see how different audiences/countries reacted to our music. The more south we went the more insane the crowd was. Starting as a new band in a new territory is always exciting. I guess in Europe there really can’t be any epic surprises but as right now we are also looking towards Asia and some dates are soon to be confirmed- that’s something very very exciting.

8 – How has your success at home altered your international ambition?

We are very hungry, we’ve always been very hungry and we will be very hungry in the future as well. I hope that answers your question.

9 – Lastly, tell us one secret about another band member…

Hando never sleeps.



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