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A Layman’s Guide To The Flash Costumes



A Layman's Guide To The Flash Costumes
Hey there DC fans! Are you getting ready for the coming Comic Con season? With just a couple of months left until the journey to every nerd’s Mecca, the time has come to get the perfect costume for the upcoming events. If you are a massive Flash fan, a chance is that you are having a tough time choosing between so many different Flash costumes. As a long-running (pun not intended) superhero, the Flash has gone trough quite a few looks from the Golden Age of comics until now. In order to help you pick the best costume for you, we have gone in detail trough some of the most popular Flash incarnations. Let’s go!

Jay Garrick

It has all started with this one! If it weren’t for Jay Garrick (AKA Golden Age Flash), we wouldn’t have the Flash as we know him today. Cosplaying as Jay Garrick is a perfect choice for all you die-hard comic book fans who are looking to prove to the others that you know more than an average comic book fan wannabe. Basically, Jay’s costume consists of the following: a winged helmet, a red shirt with a yellow lightning going from the neck all the way down to the waist, a pair of blue pants, and a pair of red boots with yellow wings on the side. This costume may seem a bit outdated but, as noted above, cosplaying like Jay Garrick can show that you are a true Flash fan, as this costume set a base for all the other Flash costumes.

Barry Allen

Here he is, THE Flash himself! Most of the modern readers are familiar with Barry Allen’s incarnation of the Flash, as it is the most recognizable and the most used one in all of modern TV and cartoon appearances of the Flash. Also known as the Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen’s Flash costume is one of the most popular cosplay choices today. It is what is called the “classic Flash costume” and it has been worn by Barry Allen (obviously), Wally West, and Bart Allen, respectively (with some minor modifications). The classic Flash costume consists of a red jumpsuit, smaller yellow lightning over a white circle, a yellow lightning around his waist and arms, a pair of yellow, winged boots, a pair of red gloves, and a red cowl with an exposed jaw. This is a perfect, modern costume for all you Flash lovers out there. It will make you stand out from a crowd and be recognized by the Flash fans everywhere.

Barry Allen's Flash costume

Wally West

Wally West’s costume comes in two variations: Wally West as the Flash and Wally West as Kid Flash. We’ll go trough both costumes in detail. First off – Wally West as the Flash. Wally’s Flash wears the same classic Flash costume as Barry Allen’s Flash, but with a few small changes. This Flash costume is colored in a darker shade of red than the classic one, the lightning around the waist changes into a two-sided lightning bolt, and those yellow boots don’t have wings anymore. These changes in the costume may be subtle, but they really do change the mood around character significantly. As for the Wally West as Kid Flash, his costume is a little more different from the classic Flash costume. Wally wore this costume when he was a sidekick to Barry Allen’s the Flash. Although his first sidekick costume was just a smaller version of the classic one, he soon changed it to the recognizable Kid Flash look. Kid Flash’s costume consists of a jumpsuit which has a yellow torso and a red waist-down part. He also has a lightning bolt on his chest, but it is a red one over a white circle. The boots are redesigned to look a bit more athletic. Also, an important part of the costume is red goggles on his head. This costume is considered to be one of the most iconic costumes among DC comics fans, as it established the character of Wally West as we know him today.

Wally West

And that’s it, guys! We have talked about quite a few costumes today. We discussed several incarnations of the Flash starting from the Golden Age of comics. We mentioned characters such as Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, and Wally West. Hopefully, this article has helped you to choose your perfect costume between many different Flash costumes out there. Happy cosplaying!

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