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A New Disco Star Is Born! Meet Mishell Ivon And Listen To “Electric Gold”



Mishell Ivon - Electric Gold

Mishell Ivon‘s “Electric Gold” is a nod to all the Soul, Funk, and Disco goodness you grew up listening to. She’s a Disco star on the rise whose music will be today’s hottest discovery for many of you. Having said that, Orange Soul Records never disappoints with their underrated hidden gems, so read in full this interview and prepare to be surprised.

1 — In just three words, how would you describe Mishell Ivon’s music?

Funky. Colorful. A Vibe.

2 — What’s your all-time favorite album? Why?

This question is hard… I have quite a few favorites! A classic, ‘Off The Wall’ by Michael Jackson.

3 — Is it true that your dad introduced you to the world of Disco?

Yes, My father is an absolute music head! Disco sound was a huge part of his vast collection, so it was the soundtrack of my home life and stuck with me. Donna Summer, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Evelyn Champagne, Prince… it goes on and on. 🙂

4 — When exactly did you decide to become a singer?

Very early on at the age of 4 or 5, a switch flipped and the creativity bloomed, I believe becoming a singer became a crystal clear vision at about 12 years old.

5 — Are you vocally trained or is it an all-natural talent?

There was a solid base of talent to start with and I learned how to use it through training. The training never stops!

6 — What makes “Electric Gold” sound so good?

All the players involved. A lot of work and love went into this song and it shows. We built it from the ground up with just a vocal idea. The process came so naturally that we finished the base up quite quickly. George and I work well off of each other.

7 — Tell us more about its lyrics.

The feel-good that is, particularly in the Disco sound. Give in and just be in the moment! “Electric Gold” describes that feeling. “Sound is life, it’s deep in my soul it won’t let me go.”

8 — Can you reveal who is the producer behind “Electric Gold”? Where was it recorded?

George Holliday the Visioneer behind ‘Made On The Road’ is the producer. It’s funny because George’s studio is mobile and he has traveled to record artists all over Europe but due to the twist that Covid-19 dealt the world this past year, I recorded from my home studio in Germany and George handled production in the UK.

Mishell Ivon

9 — What is your process when you conceptualize your vision?

I have no set process, I flow until I connect with something, energy, idea, words. it’s different every time.

10 — What do you have planned for 2021?

Artists have had some extra time to be creative this past year so I believe 2021 will be a year of putting out of fresh sound, interesting collaborations, and continuing to grow artistically. Fingers crossed the stages open back up!



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