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A New Galactic Music Video: Andromentia – I Had A Dream Last Night



Allow yourself to break free from all mainstream stuff! Underground collective ΠϢΑϪЄ and Andromentia take you on an intriguing journey with their galactic music video for “I Had A Dream Last Night.This phenomenal Electro-Pop song is featured on the compilation album ‘Dark Disco,’ which is available to stream on SoundCloud and BandCamp.

As you would expect, the dynamism between the electrifying beats and the vocals has almost a narcotic effect on listeners. Furthermore, the dreamy psychedelic elements and the stunning synths totally exude vintage vibes. Without question, such unusual appeal is what sets them apart from any other band of the universe.

Suffice to say, these artists know how to escape the ordinary simply by watching the cosmic clip above.

galactic music video "I Had A Dream Last Night"

Just as there are countries leading the space race, there are also bands like Andromentia pioneering in galactic music. The contemporary era forces creative minds to innovate. And they are aware of it.

In this case, rediscovering retrofuturism has borne fruit. It really doesn’t matter following trends anymore. “I Had A Dream Last Night,” is enough evidence that independent composers and small labels can get ahead of the game with audacity and a hint of originality.



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