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A Promising Dubstep Producer From LA, Get To Know Owltrax — Interview



Dubstep producer from LA
There is inexhaustible potential in this Dubstep producer from LA! Under the alias of Owltrax, the awarded artist discusses the release of his upcoming single, “Grave Keeper,” and much more. Just scroll down to read a super nice interview.

1 — Can you describe your music in two words or a phrase?

Captivating and mold-breaking.

3 — What made you win the Insomniac Discovery Project?

I don’t know the exact answer to this but in my opinion, it’s the uniqueness of my set and music that set me apart from the other great artists.

4 — Do you like producing or performing more?

Performing 100% I love feeding off the energy the crowd brings and I feel like it’s more of a challenge and rewarding. You never know why someone went out that night and sometimes all they need is to forget that the world exists and have a good time for an hour… If I can be the reason they put all their problems aside, and just simply live in that moment, I did my job.

5 — What was your first gig ever?

Oh god… I was literally booked to play Dubstep at a Jazz bar for 50+-year-olds. Had no idea till I got there and met with the person who booked me. He said he wants the bar to attract more young people.

6 — What would be your dream tour lineup?

Infected Mushroom, Gareth Emery, Paul Van Dyk, and Subtronics… basically my biggest influences in music.

7 – Any plans for a tour on the horizon?

Yes, excited to be working on one for 2023.

8 — What’s the name of your latest single and why should we listen to it?

“Grave Keeper.” Fun fact: I actually lost my hard drive that contained my whole Owltrax project, everything from sounds I designed, edits, and singles, to a full EP. Nothing was recovered other than parts of a single that I had sent over email once so I took those pieces and made “Grave Keeper”… it was literally brought back from the grave.

9 — How long did it take you to produce it?

It took a year to make it exactly how I want it.

10 — Finally, what do you love the most about Dubstep?

Dubstep is unlike any other genre out there, it’s messy yet still in order. I love the dynamics of Dubstep and the freedom I have as a producer; I’m not tied to a specific structure of music and with that, there’s no limit to one’s creativity.



By Erick Ycaza

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