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A Visual Guide To The Hazards Of Distracted Driving



distracted driving
Back in the day, people used to think driving drunk and not wearing a seat belt were two of the most irresponsible things you could do as a driver. As a result, laws were passed to ensure that drivers collectively maintain safety on the road.

When smartphone usage became widespread in mid-2000s, people started to get concerned. Aside from developing a gradual addiction to their phones, people took to texting while behind the wheels, a seemingly harmless effort that would later amass an astounding figure of fatal cases that averaged to nine deaths a day.

It’s easy to think texting while driving is a pretty manageable thing to do until it’s too late. According to the National Safety Council, the use of cell phones while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes per year. This is not surprising considering that texting combines all three types of driving distractions at once: it diverts your eyes from the road, prompts you to take your hands off the wheels, and literally swerves your focus off course.

The following infographic lays the facts on the table and paints a clear picture of the reality of distracted driving and why it’s just as—if not more—serious as drunk driving.

It also includes tips on how to break the habit or avoid the temptation so you can contribute to general safety on the road.

Road safety is everyone’s concern. Taking responsibility goes a long way in keeping a safer road environment that benefits the whole community.

Dangers of Distracted Driving
Infographic via PartCatalog


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