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Adam Davenport’s “My Return Address Is You” Is An Electro Pop Breakthrough – Watch Lyric Video Here



Adam Davenport
“My Return Address Is You” is a breakthrough  Electro Pop anthem that is poised to become a dance chart topper. Newcomer Adam Davenport teams up with Shanica Knowles who impresses with her unique vocals and subtle phrasing, which bring a more intimate feeling to this gem of a track: you actually find yourself listening to what the song is actually saying, which can be unique for this genre of music, opting for deep and meaningful lyrics (not unlike last year’s “I Took a Pill in Ibiza”) over “turning up” and hedonism. And at its heart, “My Return Address is You” is a song about love and those from our past who continue to have a piece of our heart.

“In my heart, in my head, you still haunt me,” Shanica sings in the opening over a haunting arpeggio melody on a synth emulating a music box. You can hear the instrument cranked on following a half beat of silence on the track as if the listener is evoking the memory of a loved one from the past and it immediately engages you in the song.

Indeed, Shanica’s distinctive vocals are a perfect match for Davenport’s production, with Euro-pop overtones and ear-pleasing harmonies (all sung by Knowles) that blend seamlessly against the EDM backdrop. The track delivers a catchy hook (“My return address is you, property of your heart”) and then surprises with a “dope” drop that brings the track to the next level.

But perhaps the most powerful moment in the song is found in the bridge, a free-floating atmospheric echo chamber of vocals that is a post-modern take on Phil Spector’s wall of sound. The beat is stripped away for a few moments but then reintroduced like a driving heartbeat as Shanica stretches a note for seven and a half seconds, the end of the phrase “You belong right here.”

“My Return Address is You” is an impressive debut track from Davenport, who initiated his collaboration with Knowles by reaching out to her on Instagram. The song’s moody, euphoric vibe makes it not only suited for the dance floor but it should also play well on any radio rotation alongside the likes of Calvin Harris, The Chainsmokers or Martin Garrix.

Watch the lyric video below, which Davenport says is vaguely inspired in part by Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. “I wanted to visually explore in a sort of abstract way the idea of traveling through space, searching for love. Similarly, I hope this song might move others to tap into love within themselves and find it in their own lives. You’re not alone.”




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