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Progressive House

Adam Davenport Produces A Progressive House Melody In Honor Of BLM



Progressive House melody
Suppose this Progressive House melody was played at your favorite club or festival. Naturally, the euphoria that suddenly comes from your body seems to last longer.

Even though the production quality behind Adam Davenport‘s latest stomper on Alveda Music is based solely on instrumentals, his first single of the year, “Blackout, brings a good dose of energy wherever you listen to it.

The overall vibe of “Blackout” is incredibly dynamic due to its intense and easy-going sections. As sound levels increase, it builds to an irresistible crescendo until the drop is turbo-powered in the right direction.

There’s also an undeniably ravey appeal, which makes Davenport’s 10th release one of his finest achievements to date.

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Most importantly, here the inspiration liaises with Black Lives Matter and Blackout Tuesday as a form to combat racism and police brutality through creative art.

Being a socially conscious musician like Davenport is worthy of emulation. Indeed, everybody wins when artists give importance to activism in favor of social justice.

BLM is a movement born in the digital era which demands recognition of the dignity of Black life. Pleasingly, such an upbeat Progressive House melody will empower people to think with empathy.

©[Alessandro Biascioli] /iStock

“Blackout” is the result of intuitive production work that comes to fruition encompassing an electronic soundscape full of joy and hope for a better tomorrow.

Neither dancing nor chanting is a crime. With this in mind, peaceful protests and demonstrations can turn much more animated thanks to music.



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