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Adán Cruz Breaks The Internet Again With Latin Urban Music



In this competitive global music landscape, staying true to your roots is key to longevity. Latin urban music artist Adán Cruz does just that and premieres his first music video of 2024!

The Mexican rapper has joined forces with DIJIMM for this dope jam titled “Puca. Sooner or later, I will dare to say these guys will be dominating the Latin urban music charts worldwide.

The Global Appeal Of Reggaeton

Adán Cruz has proven there’s an immense appetite for Reggaeton bangers not only in Spanish-speaking countries but also across the globe. While he is considered an eclectic artist who also experiments with Trap and Hip-Hop, with “Puca” he is more inclined to Perreo in a similar style to his fellow countryman Yng Lvcas.

Latin Urban Music
On a side note, Adán Cruz is launching his new 22-track album this month! Clearly, “Puca” showcases his skills for creating a feel-good party anthem, and I bet fans can’t get enough of it.

A Fresh Latin Urban Release

Moreover, this is the freshest Latin urban release of the year, and it’s a vindication for staying true to his artistic vision. Also, he brings his gift of storytelling via the sexy visuals that accompany his uplifting melodies.

For any still puzzling over that term, “Puca” traditionally points to a mythical creature. But in the lyrics, it denotes an evil woman with an angelic face.



By Erick Ycaza

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