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Add This Pop Ballad Song To Your Playlist, “Drown (You Won’t Let Me)”



pop ballad song
Here you have another Pop ballad song that deserves a space in your playlist for two simple reasons. Firstly, no one can beat KLHH playing the piano. And secondly, Jon Becker‘s ability to write precious tunes like “Drown (You Won’t Let Me)” is impressive.

What’s more, the sentimental and mellow melody will soothe your soul. By all means, this is the type of romantic music with the aim of quieting your mind. Trust me, these artists let you experience a breathtaking, stunning, and peaceful moment for almost 5 minutes.

You don’t have to take my word for granted, just verify yourself.

One can assume the heart-warming message of “Drown (You Won’t Let Me)” is all about unconditional love. Therefore, you can dedicate this song to someone considered as the hero of your heart, or the love of your life. No matter how many times you listen to this Pop ballad song, it’ll always makes you fall in love over and over again.

Influenced by the distinct sound of Studio Ghibli, KLHH’s style will instantly remind you of animated Japanese movies. His debut single “Imaginary Castle” is also as brilliant as this fresh single. With more than 300K+ monthly streams per month, vocalist Jon Becker continues breakout hits, so “Drown (You Won’t Let Me)” is not far behind.



Jon Becker


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