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Nothing Can Match This Beautiful Piano Pop Song, “Imaginary Castle”



KLHH is an emerging musician and songwriter whose debut single, “Imaginary Castle” is so far the most beautiful piano Pop song of the year. The Australian-based artist kicks things off via delicate chords that are wonderfully enchanting. There’s certainly a very soothing kinda vibe around this composition, which seeks to be a call to the calm. Obviously, the vocals from Carina Castillo invite you to immerse yourself into existential concerns and deep interrogations. In the midst of his powerful storytelling, the artist explores feelings like distress and hope. By the same token, with a background in classical music, KLHH is also influenced by Studio Ghibli’s Anime soundtracks, thus getting authentic results.

piano pop imaginary castle

Interestingly enough, he has been writing his own songs since the age of 12. Nowadays, he is able to make real his passions through “Imaginary Castle.” Furthermore, you can tell his piano arrangements are slightly more dynamic in contrast with mainstream Pop. I can’t wait to hear more stuff from KLHH. The clarity of his minimal melodies and its simplicity is also synonymous with sophistication.



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