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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Vinyl Records In 2021



vinyl records

Music is the best thing that humanity has come up with. Rhythm, melody, and stylistic intonation allow you to enjoy every second of the composition, invented by the musician. How to listen to your favorite song and which gadget to choose for this? Modern society is divided into analog and digital sound supporters.

The first says that there is no soul in MP3, and it is best to buy vinyl records. Proponents of digital sound believe that it is better because it does not degrade the quality of music over time. Let’s take a look at all the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl records in 2021.

The Benefits of Vinyl Records

The Ultimate Physical Format
This advantage is rather psychological. If you have a Playstation or an Xbox console, then you know how nice it is to have a collection of discs on the shelf. The same is true for vinyl records. Their size is large, but this is rather a plus. The whole buying process, unboxing, and sorting alphabetically, is a delight if you are a vinyl fan.

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The Sound of Vinyl
Sound is a very subjective aspect, but many vinyl proponents note a characteristic warmth when playing songs. This advantage is not due to vinyl records’ perfection but due to the characteristic distortion that makes the sound warmer. If you love vinyl, you probably heard specific overtones that make your favorite song sound a little softer.

Download Cards
As a rule, musicians publish a special QR-code on the cover of a vinyl record. This allows you to download songs to your device. It is mostly 320 kbps quality, which is slightly worse than FLAC. But it’s still better than streaming audio. A digital copy is a good addition, as you can listen to your favorite album even when you are far from home.

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Vinyl Demands Attention
Vinyl records are bought by those who want to create a special atmosphere and abstract from reality. And it’s not just about the time it takes you to turn on the player. Vinyl records are part of the musical culture. Even students often buy used turntables to relax after a hard day. But don’t forget about your daily tasks. Vinyl music is very relaxing, and you may not have time to get your papers done. You will need assistance from С or to complete all tasks and deliver them on time.

The Disadvantages of Vinyl Records

Maintenance & Care
This is precisely the aspect that makes many music lovers refuse to buy vinyl records. You will have to find a place to store your collection, buy cleaning products and special sponges that do not scratch the record’s surface. Besides, taking care of a large collection takes time.

Easily Damaged
Vinyl is easy to break or scratch. This is why storage space is so important. You should not drop or scratch vinyl. Another disappointment is the natural degradation of the vinyl record. Every time you listen to music, a special metal head moves along the grooves on your record. This creates physical damage. The more often you listen to music, the worse the recording quality will be.

easily damaged vinyls© [ManuelVelasco] /Getty Images

Surface Noise
If you decide to buy vinyl records and a turntable, you have to put up with the noise. The fact is that the playback process is associated with clicks, crackles, and other types of sounds. Imagine an expert from who flinches at every loud click while listening to music. If you like rock, rap, or dance music, then extraneous sounds will not be noticeable. But there are styles of music where extraneous sounds can ruin a comfortable listening experience.

Tracking Errors
There are many technical limitations when recording vinyl records. That’s why the sound at the end of the recording is worse than at the beginning. If you listen to the same record often, the turntable’s special metal needle will deform the vinyl record’s surface. As a result, errors and additional overtones will appear.

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If you decide to listen to music exclusively on vinyl records, you will have to spend a lot of money. Each record costs at least $40-50. Plus, you have to spend at least $500 on a good turntable. Why is it so expensive? Records are difficult to produce, and low-end turntables simply deform vinyl the first 3-5 listens to music. You probably won’t want to pay $40 to listen to your favorite song five times.

The problem is that cheap turntables are inferior in quality even to a budget stereo system with Aliexpress. This is clearly not the purchase that vinyl fans are dreaming of. That is why you should come to terms with the need to collect a significant amount in advance and read reviews before buying a turntable. Then you will truly experience the sonic and aesthetic delight of listening to music.

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