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Album Review: Peppermint Heaven – Curious Things



Album Review: Peppermint Heaven - Curious Things
Peppermint Heaven finds Juno and Spark continue to expand their extraordinary Electro Pop music. Certainly, satisfaction of one’s curiosity is the greatest source of happiness. That said, I always wonder if there are modern artists that can imitate the colorful 80s melodies we all yearn. Fortunately, ‘Curious Things’ is an album which fulfills my need for good music. Showcasing an evident influence from that groundbreaking era, it does not cease to sound contemporary. In general terms, guitar patterns, electronic beats, and synths enrich the overall listening experience. However, equally important are the distinctive vocals expressing lyrics that seem to be telling stories. Below you can read my in-depth review of the 11 tracks.


1 – Sun Goes Down The album’s opening track shimmers with lively drums. The unstoppable beats from the drumkit along with the repetitive chorus represent an energy boost.

2 – Time Goes By I like how the expressing vocals remain vigorous. Clearly, you can hear emotions that surround suffering about the time factor. A good interpretation.

3 – You Definitely, this lyric line has been impregnated in mmind: “It’s trueee… So trueee… It’s youuu… Just youuu…” Well, I don’t know why it is very catchy, but so far, their secret formula works at its best. Watch the exclusive premiere of the music video down here!

4 – Monday Morning  Currently, this is the new single from the LA-based duo. I love Mondays because I like starting new things. While it is true the weekend is over and you have to face another week of long commutes, perhaps, this track could brighten your day. Sonically, it features a sexy style of guitar playing + beautiful synths. It’s one of my favorites from the ‘Curious Things’ album. Preview right here the upcoming music video:

5 – I See Things so Clearly Now The retro vibe is still on-going with the fifth track. I would describe it as an upbeat offering that will get your feet stomping and heart pumping.

6 – More Like Me It immediately grabs your attention as soon as the first beat drops. The rockish attitude the lead singer portrays through his vocals match perfectly with the beeps that recall sound effects from the 80s.

7 – Hard World Similar to “Monday Morning”, these guys deliver once again a realistic message. A soft melody serves as the music background for this song that talks about the World isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. It’s a pretty cool ballad.

8 – Don’t Give Up So Easy First of all, I like how the dynamic vocals complement each other on this track. It’s a love song which makes us reflect upon the partner we rely on and if it is worth continuing a relationship. They perform the lyrics with pure emotion!

9 – Make A Fool I can’t believe Peppermint Heaven had such killer tunes on this new album. Well, here’s another good example of something quite catchy. There’s nothing boring about it.

10 – Know Your Rights What particularly impresses me is the implementation of something similar to an 8-bit/arcade game theme on the song. The rest elements sound a bit repetitive.

11 – Sing Out The Sorrow I enjoy the “la-la-la-la” part of this song and almost all the radio-friendly tracks featured on this album. After all, the sound quality is excellent and the lyrical content imaginative. You might want to stream this album not only to have a fun time with your friends but also to sing along. 



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