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LISTEN NOW: Alvin Brings An Incredibly Eclectic Sound In His EP, ‘Seven Oaks’



LISTEN NOW: Alvin Brings An Incredibly Eclectic Sound In His EP, 'Seven Oaks'
Manchester-based talent, Alvin, recently released his 5-track EP, ‘Seven Oaks’. Besides its incredibly eclectic sound, this fresh material is full of feelings and emotions. You can even soothe your ears with his delicate touch and beautiful melodies. What’s more, such soulful vocals are indicative of the great passion he puts on everything he creates.

It is worth mentioning ‘Seven Oaks’ is a continuation from a similar styled EP, entitled, ‘Many Happy Returns’. Surprisingly, Alvin elaborates a fantasy world through his confessional/intimate lyrics, which are poured over hypnotic beats. Therefore, the whole EP may spark your imagination in mere seconds.

‘Seven Oaks’ also has a variety of songs about different subjects like love, dreams, adventures, melancholy, crucial decisions, and changes. Overall, it’s so chill and relaxing no one can complain. If you enjoy this kind of vibe as much as I do, then stay alert on his socials. There will be a new tape coming this summer, please stay tuned for more news!



By Erick Ycaza

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