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Exclusive Interview: Alvin Speaks About 5-Track EP, ‘Seven Oaks’



Exclusive Interview: Alvin Speaks About 5-Track EP, 'Seven Oaks'

‘Seven Oaks’ by Alvin is a brand new EP that features beautiful harmonies and confessional lyrics. What’s more, all these tunes will be stuck in your mind for days. This creative singer invites you to unlock your fantasies while you get easily hooked on his eclectic music. Below he provides clear and concise answers about his latest project. Learn more here!

1 — First of all, what themes do you explore in your new EP, ‘Seven Oaks’?

There was a mixture of depth and delicacy in my approach when writing this project.

2 — Where did your song ideas come from?

Fallen Angels (1996) inspired me early in the writing process.

3 — What made you want to go musically in a dark direction?

Nights at Warehouse Project really inspired my artistic direction, specifically seeing Aphex Twins.

Alvin Interview
4 — Which one is your favorite track? Why?

I really love “The Wandering Vinyl”, I recorded this in one take.

5 — What makes this EP stand apart from your past work?

Sonically, it is much darker and experimental, and that’s also reflected in the songwriting.

6 — Where was the EP recorded?

I actually wrote and recorded the EP in my apartment in Manchester, UK.

Alvin Music
7 — Are you planning to drop a music video anytime soon?

“Sentient” music video is dropping soon for you.

8 — Where are you from Alvin?

Manchester, UK

9 — This project feels like the B side to ‘Many Happy Returns’, do they share similarities?

Yes, well this is almost the B side we pick straight back up where “Morning Pages” left off.

10 — Are there any more projects coming in 2020?

I’m going to drop another project this summer.



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