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Exclusive Interview: Alvin Speaks About 5-Track EP, ‘Seven Oaks’



Exclusive Interview: Alvin Speaks About 5-Track EP, 'Seven Oaks'

‘Seven Oaks’ by Alvin is a brand new EP that features beautiful harmonies and confessional lyrics. What’s more, all these tunes will be stuck in your mind for days. This creative singer invites you to unlock your fantasies while you get easily hooked on his eclectic music. Below he provides clear and concise answers about his latest project. Learn more here!

1 — First of all, what themes do you explore in your new EP, ‘Seven Oaks’?

There was a mixture of depth and delicacy in my approach when writing this project.

2 — Where did your song ideas come from?

Fallen Angels (1996) inspired me early in the writing process.

3 — What made you want to go musically in a dark direction?

Nights at Warehouse Project really inspired my artistic direction, specifically seeing Aphex Twins.

Alvin Interview
4 — Which one is your favorite track? Why?

I really love “The Wandering Vinyl”, I recorded this in one take.

5 — What makes this EP stand apart from your past work?

Sonically, it is much darker and experimental, and that’s also reflected in the songwriting.

6 — Where was the EP recorded?

I actually wrote and recorded the EP in my apartment in Manchester, UK.

Alvin Music
7 — Are you planning to drop a music video anytime soon?

“Sentient” music video is dropping soon for you.

8 — Where are you from Alvin?

Manchester, UK

9 — This project feels like the B side to ‘Many Happy Returns’, do they share similarities?

Yes, well this is almost the B side we pick straight back up where “Morning Pages” left off.

10 — Are there any more projects coming in 2020?

I’m going to drop another project this summer.



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Interview | Questions & Answers With Mr K



Mr K - Put God First
South African singer and songwriter Mr K adds his own touch of contemporary music to the Gospel genre on the new album, ‘Put God First.’ This record reflects his Christian spirituality, but most importantly, its meaningful lyrics are full of teachings. Find out more details in the interview below.

1 – First of all, what first got you into music?

I’ve always dreamt songs from as far back as I can remember. At the time I didn’t really know what to do with it. Poetry, however, was more practical because I’ll write it down. Recently with divine intervention, a big brother (Oskido) assisted in getting the process started with studio guidance and a record label. Then I started with recording the melodies I dream, combined with my writing experience from the poetry.

2 – Do you think your homeland has inspired the music you make?

Without a doubt especially the beat patterns. The content is mostly influenced by my upbringing and how the Lord has recently touched me.

3 – How would you define your music genre?

It’s Gospel due to content, however, there are dance tracks, R&B tracks, and typical local gospel. It’s really hard to classify it into one genre.

4 – What makes your new album ‘Put God First’ so special?

The fact that it’s not my album but one that was guided by the Lord. I really can’t claim this musical talent and the drive behind my creativity or wisdom. I believe he is using me as a tool to get his word out to the world in a different approach. This is not an album but a different presentation of the word of God.

5 – Some music critics think religious music is boring. Do you agree or disagree?

We have been traditional way too much in most cases with Gospel music. However, I wouldn’t say boring at all so, I don’t agree. When my spirit craves the Lord, the same traditional Gospel music always soothes me.

My album has tracks you can dance to, sometimes we just need to use normal dance moves and dance to the Lord.

6 – What’s your favorite track from your new album? Why?

It’s a very difficult question, for me, every track is the word of the Lord personified. The beat is just describing the mood of the track. If you insist on asking when I feel like: love “Is It You”, dancing in a local club “Please Forgive Me” and dancing in an international club “Go Away”. When I remember the Lord’s grace “Merciful And Grateful”. You are really putting me in a corner here.

7 – What’s the connexion between the Bible and the lyrics of your songs?

Every song is inspired by a Bible verse. Those are the verses in reference, I really pray that the world reads the verses in reference more than even listen to music.

My poetry in each song is Bible-based.

8 – Is there any song on this album that puts you in a dancing mood?

Yes oh Yes… local dance mood “Please Forgive Me.” I really love dance music. This album allows me to dance to tunes I really like.

9 – What do you want listeners to take from ‘Put God First’ album?

The word of the Lord.

10 – What can we expect from Mr K in 2021?

Look out for all music videos from the album and the documentary that tells the story behind this material. Without a doubt, the beginning of ‘Put God First Volume 2.’!



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Exclusive Interview: EDM Prodigy Black Summer Drops “YeH”



Black Summer - YeH
EDM prodigy Black Summer is back with an original album titled “YeH. To the surprise of many, he became Australia’s youngest producer in 2015, which triggered admiration but also cyberbullying and criticism from the public. As time passed, he honed his skills in the music production field. What’s more, his excellent work led to him getting signed by Grammy-winning mixer Chris “TEK” O’Ryan on his label TEKZENMUSIC. Venturing into festivals like Groovin The Moo to amassing 400k+ views on the hit single “Young Like Me,” Black Summer is definitely one to watch.

1 – Can you reveal to us who inspired you musically since the start of your music career?

I’ve had many many different artists inspire me over the years but the artists that have stuck with me the most through these years are Flume, Skrillex, and Getter. These artists have really opened my eyes to new ideas and given me the confidence to experiment with my music.

2 – Who is musically inclined in your family?

My whole family is creative in some way, my dad is a chef and my mum is an artist but there hasn’t been a lot of musicality in the family up until now. My brother plays guitar though and my auntie used to be a DJ so it does run a little bit in the family.

3 – How much has your life changed since you became Australia’s youngest producer?

My life has completely changed. I’ve met Tek who has been an amazing mentor, manager, and friend. I’ve met so many talented artists too. Nowadays, I’m working to make it a full-time career so it’s definitely consumed my all-time and just changed the way I see the world.

4 – Are you still struggling with cyberbullying?

I’m always struggling with cyberbullying especially since Young Like Me came out because people couldn’t believe someone of my age made a song of that quality. It has calmed down a little though through the years because of all the music I’ve consistently released and many live streams and “how it’s made” videos. I do have a strong feeling that this will be a constant struggle through my career though, but it is what it is LOL.

5 – Nowadays, how do you respond to criticism?

Well, I guess it depends on what kind of criticism it is, if it’s constructive and comes from a positive perspective then I’ll take it into account. I love getting feedback from people, but if it’s just plain hatred then I just ignore it, and when I rarely do reply I just reply with positivity and try to educate those people.

6 – In your opinion, what makes your new album “YeH” so exciting?

When I made “YeH” I wanted to make something that was versatile and didn’t have any boundaries. My whole life I’ve been worried about if my music is “too weird”, or it’s not what people will like, and I’ve kind of just thrown that judgment out of the window and created something that’s purely me and not cared about what people might not like about it. I’ve started using my own vocals in songs too so I’m super excited to put that next level of music out!

7 – How would you define your current direction in electronic music?

I don’t even know how I’d define my direction right now, I’ve really combined all different sorts of genres and my own ideas which I feel has created my own distinct sound. I want to continue on this path of just making whatever I want to hear and not having to be constrained by a genre.

8 – What does your home recording studio look like?

So my “studio” used to just be a computer in my dad’s office but over time as I’ve become more successful and serious about it I’ve been able to have my own space. Now my music studio is a separate building out the back where I have all my gear set up and am able to make music whenever I want. I feel very grateful to have my own space where I can work without annoying my parents!

9 – Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

I see myself being successful in what I want to do, either being an artist or producing for other people behind the scenes. I want to be respected and seen as somebody people can look up to so I’m committed to continually learning, improving, and being as good as I can be.

10 – What would be your #1 piece of advice for aspiring producers?

Just do it, you literally have nothing to lose besides having a couple of bad songs. The amazing thing about making music is how accessible and easy it is to get started on so just have some fun and make what YOU like!



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COY Swede & Camila Carballo Reveal Single Arriving In 2021 — Interview



Camila Carballo, COY Swede Interview

© [Dennis Skurk] /Skurkstudio

EDM lovers will have to read this interview in full. COY Swede and Camila Carballo open up about their upcoming single “Believe In Us,coming out on January 21st, 2021. The Swedish artists disclose interesting details of this inspirational tune produced in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more below and pre-save it here.

1 – How did the collaboration with Camila Carballo come up?

COY Swede: I have been looking for a singer from my own country for a while. No special reason it’s just that I have been working with more international collabs before. And for this track, “Believe In Us,” I knew I wanted a more Soul vibe in it, so I began searching not only among active or well-known singers but also in the indie music scene. She offers a kind of a new “Sade quality” but still her own sound! Of course, people who know who that singer is will understand the high standard of Camila.

© [Dennis Skurk] /Skurkstudio

We started talking through Instagram and we sent back and forth some demos during a period of time. I could hear quite fast that we needed to make this happen. Not everybody has easy access to a studio and also make it fit this pandemic plus other things. I also noted that we in a larger perspective share good life values and have a similar drive and passion.

2 – How was your recording process during this pandemic?

COY Swede: That was a huge challenge for both of us, and as a collab employer, safety must come first, and a very limited amount of people in the studio. And always check before that everyone feels healthy throughout that short period of time. So we talk on the phone about how we should solve this as Camila is based for studies in Cyprus. But most of the time when all was recorded we were home free.

© [Dennis Skurk] /Skurkstudio

Camila: Exactly, Coy Swede explains it well. Our first priority in the matter was always the safety and that based on restrictions of the pandemic only we were allowed to be in the studio or where the projects were carried out, and that the persons involved were COVID negative. For me, it was fantastic to be able to do the recording together and right after my midterm exams were written. I got time for both valuable times with the family back home in Sweden and to turn dreams into reality in a safe way quickly and efficiently in just a few hours.

3 – What have you learned from it?

COY Swede: Stay way cooler, take every step by step. More focus on planning it all very carefully. And still, keep the focus on the long run so to speak. I think both of us boosted as good teamwork.

Camila: It was a long time ago, I was in the music business now, about 4 years, so there is a lot you forget that needs to be refreshed both in the studio and in the workaround and all that the music industry involves! Much has changed in a short time and we are constantly learning what works today to succeed in the best way and reach out with our music to as many people as possible. We are both very open to learning, and I think it is a fundamental key to success and understand that not everything happens overnight today but you develop and learn all the time during the journey, and you are never fully learned!

4 – What makes this new song so inspirational for other artists?

COY Swede: We have found our sound. And that is a good tip for others! Test and train yourself, have an open mind. Don’t be negative against other artists. Find your own process and flow and keep it going! But don’t forget to engage in other things in your surrounding with your music and help others! If you feel like people make negative comments about your musical journey, then tell them, pep talk me and boost me or get the hell out of my way! 🙂

© [Dennis Skurk] /Skurkstudio

Camila: Just like COY Swede says, I feel that our sound settled right away! I was shocked myself that the result was better than expected and could hardly believe that I was the one who sang as everything felt so genuine and authentic. Both the lyrics and the music have really felt right and “us” since the start. For other artists, it may inspire to make music alongside our careers, we are just passionate about this but see it as something we should not feel pressure or stress in. We want to remain in the flow of music to come to us, and not the opposite that we should force the music out of us. I believe this is when music magic is born!

5 – Please, tell us more about the #WeHold hashtag, what does it represent?

COY Swede: It stands for our teamwork focus with this track we made. Passion, follow your vision, boost each other during the process. It kinda wraps the core “grit” we share and what you need in just one word.

6 – Can we expect a new lyric video or a TikTok challenge?

COY Swede:  Haha, no clue yet I heard that every artist needs to be there all the time. If someone wants to do some dance, of course, it would be fun and cool! Love it! But I won’t do it just because everyone thinks you need to be on there!

Camila: Everything can happen! The one who waits will see!

7 – If you were able to change something about today’s music industry, what would it be?

COY Swede: As a producer/composer hopefully I could inspire that there are no limits on variations when it comes to sounds and melodies. And I actually think people are getting tired of all these covers all the time. That being said it’s nothing wrong with it. Just try to create something fresh instead of other than ride on someone else’s royalty or core music and from a finished stem.

When it comes to the general music industry I have more to say, of course, I sure do! And things that I passed along the ride that aren’t so nice. The time comes when I need to deal with that more or less. Why remember shit, leave it, like it is, and be determined and move on!

© [Dennis Skurk] /Skurkstudio

Camila: If there is one thing I would like to change with the music industry, it is precisely that many artists today feel impersonal. There are few artists who actually talk more with their fans about who they are, about why they sing their songs, about how the process went, about problems in society or politics. This is progressing, but I wish more artists were more down to earth! I remember myself as a young teenage girl, above all, how you looked up to artists and the music industry in a way that you listened to aliens, it was a different level. I wish we could show that we are just like everyone else, we have our flaws and we go through tough periods like anyone. I think this personal connection is inspiring and important to try to stick to as an artist! We all started somewhere, and as a role model and mental coach I follow knows as Johannes Hansen says: ”All progress began with an ordinary person who was also nervous.”

8 – As indie artists, what are your biggest struggles?

COY Swede: Time, I need more time for just creating music. It’s a big task to handle everything yourself as an indie producer. That being said I don’t complain, it’s just facts and everyone else knows that! Another struggle is the music scams out there that promise things but delivers nothing. So you need to be careful with that.

Camila: I would say that my personal biggest difficulty has been combining music with my studies. I am studying the third year of medicine, which means more than 10 hours of constant studying daily at least to pass with good grades and succeed as a doctor. For me, you create time for what you prioritize anyway, so replacing other things in my everyday life with music has just like training been pure therapy for me, especially in 2020 with the pandemic.

9 – Have you ever wanted to give up on your music career?

COY Swede: No way, it’s part of my life and has been since birth.

Camila: Since the day I chose to pursue my career in medicine over music, I have done neither or I am a hopeless optimist who sees all possibilities in front of obstacles in this world! So I have always been open to keeping up with music on the side and sang when the time was right but mostly covers for my followers or Youtube. Giving up music completely, however… never, that does not exist in my world and I do not even want that idea in the grave.

10 – I’m so excited to hear it, how would you describe your upcoming single in just three words?

COY Swede: Ah… thank you for that question, Erick! None better than me…! 😉 And that message is for you out there, you are the best version of it! So go and pre-save this amazing fresh soul vibe EDM track today! It’s for you!

Camila: Oh, as previously mentioned, I love this song! It is so simple but still, you take it to yourself and can relate it in so many ways! 3 words… Hope, power, and festival nights!


COY Swede

Camila Carballo

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1upboy Talks New Track “Digital Aesthetic World” — Interview



Digital Aesthetic World by 1upboy

Originality in music production is worth more than generic stuff. In the case of 1upboy, he works hard to be as authentic as possible. Take a listen to his newest single “Digital Aesthetic World,” a Hip-Hop/Future Bass hybrid which is the fruit of his own imagination and love for video games. Don’t miss the chance to read this great interview.

1 – The rhythms of your new track “Digital Aesthetic World” seems to be authentic. Creating hybrid forms of music is a strategy, a trend, or something else?

I like to believe creating hybrid forms of music is just taking different elements from things you like and putting it into something that represents you.

2 – I’m loving the artwork, please tell us more about it.

Thank you aha. I thought it would be a cool idea to make GBA style cover art, because “Digital Aesthetic World” seemed like a game you would pick up at a game store.

Digital Aesthetic World by 1upboy
3 – Is there a message behind the lyrics?

The meaning behind the lyrics is basically saying, ‘You do you’, really. I talk about topics like how I “leveled up”, a former lover and how we could not be together but there’s no offense to her, how I can’t associate with people who end up bringing me down, so I pretty much wanted the listener to know that I was just being me, being comfortable in my own place, hence “Digital Aesthetic World”.

4 – Is Anime and video games culture part of your signature style?

Yeah, to an extent. I’m a big fan of chiptune-y, happy melodies. Also, at the beginning of “Digital Aesthetic World”, I added ocean shore sounds as well as a Game Boy Advance starting sound effect to the beat (produced by snorkatje btw, shout out to him) to make the listener feel like they were sailing to a different place like they were playing a new game.

5 – Who inspired you to produce this song?

No one, in particular, inspired me to make this song, I just wanted to make it because I’m the type of person that likes to make stuff. One day I’m going to get old and I want to be happy knowing I made the art that I wanted to make.

6 – Are you planning to release visuals?

No, but hopefully eventually! That would be cool.

7 – What type of listeners will probably like your music?

People, who are into artists like Lil Uzi Vert, and people who like Anime. Maybe people who are into somewhat adjacent music genres like Kawaii Future Bass. I don’t really know honestly, I just make my music sound for myself.

8 – Do you use vocal techniques while rapping?

I don’t do anything technical or anything like that. I just try to not slump over and I try to breathe through the diaphragm.

9 – Are you currently working on new music? Can you reveal to us what’s next?

I’m currently working on one new song, and two potential ones, so look out for them!

10 – If you weren’t an artist what would you be?

If I wasn’t an artist, like making any type of art at all, I think it would be cool to be a chef or a marine biologist, haha.



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Steve Marinangeli Reveals Details On Debut Album, ‘Hidden Thoughts’ — Interview



Steve Marinangeli Interview

23-year-old Steve Marinangeli is a rapidly rising indie artist who has topped the Luxembourg iTunes Top Songs chart twice. This success is due to the fact that he writes and sings songs close to his heart. The way he connects with listeners through his intimate lyrics is simply outstanding. Not to mention, his first two singles resonate with daily experiences that lead you to meditate on his words. If this sounds interesting, learn more about his upcoming debut album down here, which is coming out in 2021.

1 – What’s the name of your upcoming debut album? Do you have a release date yet?

The name of my upcoming debut album is ‘Hidden Thoughts.’ I’m still working on the album so I don’t have a release date yet.

2 – What came first the music or the lyrics?

The lyrics came first. For most of my songs, I already had the perfect situation in my head and wrote it down. A lot of the lyrics I’ve written are very personal so that made it easier for me.

3 – What’s the overall theme of this material?

The overall theme of the album is kind of a self-reflecting concept. It’s gonna be a very personal album that will describe struggles, sadness, and dark thoughts, but they will all turn into something positive, good, and uplifting. The message I wanna put out with the album ‘Hidden Thoughts’ is, “No matter how down you are, there is always a way out. It’s okay not to be okay. You are not alone!” There will be a lot of more sad/slow songs on the album, but overall I just think they will fit perfectly in the theme of the album.

4 – Is there any special song from this album that puts you in a good mood?

Since now, I have a few songs which put me in a good mood, like for example, “It’s You,” “Dance with Me,” and “Under The Moonlight.” I won’t give away too much yet though.

5 – How did lockdown affect you artistically?

Surprisingly, the lockdown was kind of a positive trigger for me artistically, cause it made me start writing lyrics. I‘ve spent a lot of time during the lockdown to get even more into music and discover more different genres of music. During lockdown then, I started writing my own lyrics and with the help of other people (singers, producers, etc.) we transformed the lyrics into music and created some songs.

6 – Did you collaborate with other artists on this project?

Yes, I did. It was hard for me to begin and take the first steps in the business, so I had the company YourSongmaker helping me with my first few songs. They turned my words and lyrics into some fantastic songs and they have a brilliant team, so thanks to David and their team. I also was looking for other ways to make music so I was looking for singers, producers, mixing and mastering engineers by myself and I’ve been in talks for some interesting collabs for the next songs.

7 – Who is your latest single “It’s You” dedicated to?

I didn’t have any specific person in mind when I wrote the song “It’s You.” I put myself into the position of being in love and having the feeling of loving someone very much and transformed it into a song. It was more general as I didn’t have someone specific I thought about. It’s certainly a song with which a lot of people can identify.

8 – When you created these songs do you have the American audience in mind or do you think it’s more oriented to European listeners?

Well, that‘s difficult to say. I didn’t focus on a specific territory while writing and creating music. My music is available for everyone to listen to. My debut song “Rescue Me” had more success in Europe, while my second single “Sacrifice” had also some success in the US and South America. My music should be there for everyone to listen to, appreciate and love, with no exceptions whatsoever.

9 – How would you describe your music to someone that hasn’t heard it before?

For me, it’s hard to already put my music into a definite genre because I‘m still in the process of finding my own sound and thinking in what genre, my music fits the best. Right now, it fits definitely in the Pop genre, sometimes a bit more slow, dark, sad Pop songs, sometimes a bit more upbeat, and funky. I do have some musical influences which are Westlife, OneRepublic, and Bruno Mars for example, but I wanna create a unique sound so that people immediately know, oh yeah that‘s a song by Steve Marinangeli, a bit like in the case with Billie Eilish. Everyone immediately recognizes a Billie Eilish song because they are so unique.

10 – Finally, What do you love the most about your followers?

I love most about my followers, that they support me and my music and that they are open to listening to my music. They support me so well and even though I’m not very known. They helped me reach 2 No. 1 iTunes singles here in Luxembourg already which is unbelievable for me. They are just the best and I can’t wait to see what can still happen in the future. I‘m very grateful for the fans I got, and I love them!



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