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An Anonymous Interview: IDKANYMORE Talk Revolutionary Music Project



For the very first time as a blogger, I’m doing an anonymous interview with two talented guys who prefer to hide their identities for a while. Today is your chance to get know a little of IDKANYMORE, a Singer/Producer duo who could possibly revolutionize the world with their genre-blending music. Learn more exclusively on Electro Wow.

1 — Hello guys! First of all, why do you hide your identity? Is this a temporary measure?

A & N – Hello! Yes, it is a temporary measure. We will reveal everything very soon. It’s for the best as of right now.

2 — Can you reveal to us where exactly do you live?

A & N – The most we can tell you is that we live in the USA. We don’t live in the same state.

3 — Please tell us when this project started and how many songs have you already recorded?

A & N – Funny story, I actually approached N about the project in August this year. He was the only person I had in mind for the project, and he joined a couple months later & we started to write some records together. Once we figured out that we wanted to be in this project together, technology didn’t slow us down.

4 — When will you release your debut single?

A & N – When you least expect it.

5 — What can we expect from it in terms of sound and lyrics?

A & N – The most we can tell is that it has dark Pop characteristics, Hip-Hop elements, lots of different influences all across. We are really excited to show everyone what we have coming and it’s definitely different than our previous works.

6 — Artistically, who is your biggest influence?

N – Brendon Urie, Charlie Puth, Blackbear, Tyler Carter, and many more.
A – A lot of my influences range from Metal, Pop, Hip-Hop. So many artists influence my craft.

7 — Is your ultimate goal to get signed by a label or do you prefer to work as an indie project?

Not necessarily. it’s a possibility to get signed in the future but the goal is to make great music & bring people together.

8 — On stage, will you perform wearing masks?

Probably not.

9 — What are some things you wish to accomplish in 2019 with IDKANYMORE?

Create some really sick records, and kill it. We’ve got some awesome material we got cooking for 2019, it’s just a matter of time until it gets out to the world.

10 — Finally, what is the one thing you’re proudest about this project?

A – For me, it’s that I met someone who has similar interests and someone who is ready to work. N is a killer vocalist and I knew he was a great fit from the start seeing his work ethic and building songs 1 by 1.
N – Pushing the limits with what we’re able to do as artists who are so far apart – while making something that we both love and believe in. Working together feels powerful knowing we’re doing something we love.



Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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