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An Interview With Cordel’s Manager, Bruce



An Interview With Cordel's Manager, Bruce
This is Cordel’s Manager, Bruce. Great to meet you how did you discover Cordel?

Bruce – Online- it was a great vocal, now he’s turned into in my opinion one of the best vocalists on the planet. He has only shown 50% of what he can do.

Wow that’s a statement, what is it like managing him?

Bruce – Very easy but very time consuming we have about 17 deals going on at the moment, in the next week we are releasing everything, it’s a lot of QA for me at the moment.

Are you excited for the release?

Bruce – Extremely, we have some incredible backing, people will love what we’re coming out with, if you live in UK or US you won’t miss it.

Whats your day to day at the moment

Bruce – It’s balancing all the releases, making sure everyone know what is coming out, and when. Also making sure everyone is happy with the content we’ve given them. Then after that I’m looking at the next batch with single launch followed by album launch.

*The phone rings and it’s the promoter of Glastonbury asking for Cordel. I wish we could publish what was said just now. *

Can we talk about that call?

Bruce – I wish we could but we’d both be in a lot of trouble.

So Cordel is going to be very busy this year?

Bruce – Yes he will be, but he’s a one take wonder. He comes in does the job. That’s what I like.

How would you describe working with Cordel?

Bruce – A pleasure, he has the most incredible work ethic, usually with talent it doesn’t go hand in hand. I’ve never had to follow up. Also, he’s not once been late for me in all the time I’ve known him. He’s a pro. He will work for years.

Give us a rundown of what’s coming

Bruce – All I can say, every major outlet in UK/US will be covering Cordel this week.

What’s next for you today?

Bruce – Getting Cordel’s 5-year visa sorted for the States, we have a major visit coming up.

So this is the launch of Cordel, we can’t wait to see everything.

Bruce – Oh you will love it, it’s going to be everywhere so don’t worry about missing it.

Thanks Bruce for your time- our next interview is with the lead of the highest selling rock band of all time, also we reveal the date you can see Cordel on a very famous late night show.

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