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Exclusive Interview: APKLYPZ On His Debut Album ‘Dystopionics’



APKLYPZ Interview
In an exclusive interview with APKLYPZ, the American video producer based in Pensacola, Florida gives us some insights on his debut album, ‘Dystopionics’. If you’re into electronic music and psychedelic art, then you’ll like the way he showcases his creativity. Find out more here!

1 — First of all, what made you want to start making tracks and videos?

I have been playing music since I was 10. It has always been my main artistic focus and the medium I feel most viscerally connected with. A video career opened up and took over my life in a good way, and I always knew I would circle back around to making music. APKLYPZ is the manifestation of that.

2 — What’s your favorite part of your job?

I get to work with a lot of talented smart people and that’s always a blast. But definitely my favorite part is seeing an animation I made or a video I worked on out in the wild. I work from a small home studio in Florida, very disconnected from the larger tech world in which I work. I can work on animations for an event for months and it feels very personal and intimidating in a way. Then flying out to the event and seeing those animations plastered on taxis and buildings and billboards makes it kind of overwhelming and a big rush.

3 — Why do you define your music style as “the soundtrack to the apocalypse on LSD”?

LOL, I think its a bit cheeky but an apt description at times. For my day job, I make very “perfect” art, sleek corporate non-offensive art. I love it. But of course, there is a side of me that likes the grunge, the imperfect, the macabre, Metal. And of course psychedelic culture and art as well. In my warped mind, all the songs, the videos, the names, all come from a different world. I try to write music for that world.

4 — What can listeners expect on your newly released album ‘Dystopionics’?

Glitchy beats and haunting earworm melodies all laid out in a glitchy psychedelic dystopian landscape. And a closing track that might surprise some listeners.

5 — How long did it take you to produce this material? Did you collaborate with other artists on this project?

APKLYPZ is me at every role. I do bounce ideas and tracks off my wife and friends for notes but beyond that, it’s me at all stages for the music and video + marketing, which I am terrible at.  This project took about a year start to finish.

6 — Why is it entitled ‘Dystopionics’?

I wrote the music and created the art really for the place or world I had in my head. My years in video make me a very visual thinker, even when writing music. So for me, I like to envision a “scene” and write music to the emotion of the scene that fits in that world. At some point in a late-night mixing session, I got high enough to think of ‘Dystopionics’ and I thought it was a great name that captures the tone of the tracks.

7 — The new music video for “Time” looks amazingly trippy. What’s your inspiration behind these visuals?

The music videos are fun. This is where I can kind of stretch my other muscles and start to create visual representations of the idea. For me, “Time” was always going to be a glitched-out degrading world if I made a music video for it. Once I got that chance I worked for a couple of months trying to create the visuals. I am really happy with how it turned out and so far I think the response has been pretty positive.

9 — Have you ever produced soundtracks or videos for sci-fi movies or TV series?

That is something I would love to do but I have not. I work mostly in corporate video and have to handle audio duties on many corporate documentaries. Even as a video guy, I am an audio guy.

10 — Are there any surprises for 2020?

Yes, I am already mapping out my next release… it will be pretty different.



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