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You Can Now Stream Beedabee’s First EP ‘Cupid’s Broken Arrow’



You Can Now Stream Beedabee's First EP 'Cupid's Broken Arrow'
‘Cupid’s Broken Arrow’
is a fine example of how expressive Beedabee can be with his music. There is a total of 8 tracks featuring a nice combination of Pop and RnB melodies. I don’t like to use labels, but in order to be more informative, I would describe the whole material as gay-friendly. Overall, he is being open not only about his sexuality but also with his emotions and feelings through the lyrics. One might notice his young age due to the fact of his smooth singing voice. Suddenly, his vocal range brings to mind the early Michael Jackson’s songs. Moreover, the catchiest one must be “Wanted” produced by Loudestro. With snappy beats along with a mellow flow, this tune conveys the yearning to be truly loved. Isn’t that romantic?… Undoubtedly, the rest of ‘Cupid’s Broken Arrow’ sounds quite good. Below you have the opportunity to stream it in full.



By Erick Ycaza

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