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Piano Lessons For Beginners: Learn Piano Quickly And Easily



Everyone who’s aspiring to learn how to play the piano has three major concerns: First, they wonder where to begin from? Secondly, what are the most important things they need to know? And last but not least, how long will take for them to learn? Thanks to the digital era, you don’t need a teacher and go through long tiring classes to learn music notes; you can get all that through Flowkey. When you watch renowned pianist, you must think it requires years to master the art of playing the piano. And yes it does, but if you just want to enjoy playing this instrument, all you need is a little knowledge about the notes, keys, and chords, without forgetting frequent practice. Here is the fastest way to learn piano:

Familiarize Yourself with the Piano

By now, you should already have access to a piano. So, starting from the C position, which is the groundwork position for all beginners, play the piano and try to figure out the tones from every key. Identify the middle tones which are in the middle of the piano, the sharp tones which are the right black keys, the flat tones which are the left black keys, high tones, and the bass tones. You can also play the white keys from the C position to learn the common Do-Re-Mi… Listen to them until you are able to tell the difference in the keys.

Learn Finger Placement

To master the art of playing the piano, you have to know which finger should play each key. The fingers are always numbered. The thumb is numbered one all through to the pinky finger that is numbered 5. Place your thumb on the middle C key while your right fingers fall automatically on the white keys to your right. The left fingers are placed the same on the left part of the piano, but if you want to play with both hands, you’ll have to skip a key from the C key so you can avoid using both thumbs on one key.

Learn the Chords

A chord is when you play several notes at the same time. First, find out where the basic chords are and familiarize yourself with them. For example, the C Major Chord incorporates the C, E and G keys, the A Minor Chord includes A, C and E keys, the F Major Chord includes A, F and C keys, and the G Major Chord includes G, B, and D keys. You don’t have to know the names of the keys; just how they sound. With enough practice, you will be able to play both the right and left side of the piano simultaneously.

Start Playing Melodies of Common Songs

All songs are made from musical patterns, therefore, take note of the patterns while playing the chords. With time, you will be able to learn which chords can be combined to create popular melodies such as jingle bells. After some practice, you will be able to jump keys and roll your wrist to reach further keys effectively.

Review and Practice

Revise the steps above until you have understood all the necessary knowledge to play the piano perfectly. Practice humming as it will help you remember the song and duplicate it on the piano. You can also attempt to play the songs by ear. Regular practice, at least three times a week, is a necessary virtue if you want to learn fast. This isn’t a process for everyone; only for those who are confident and determined. Should you experience any difficulties while learning, seek some professional help and let your dream come true.

Before you start playing, it’s very important to have some basic piano knowledge like the total number of keys on the piano, the functions of the white piano keys & the black piano keys, scales, and much more.

If you have ever been interested in learning the piano, now is the time. Finding the right piano like Yamaha p115 is the first step to achieving this goal. It has several features like built-in songs, intelligent acoustic control, internal speakers, and much more. These features will make your learning process much easier and faster. It’s available online on Amazon and most electronics shops at affordable rates.

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