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Bohus Michalko Starts A New Phase Of His Artistic Life With New Project ECHOOFMYVOICE



Bohus Michalko
If there’s one artist about to take the EDM-Pop world by storm, it’s Bohus Michalko. Hailing from Slovakia, his debut single “Light Years Away” marks the first piece of electronic music he produces under the alias ECHOOFMYVOICE. In the past, the Indie Rock band Teskohippies allowed him to achieve his goals with an album release and even a tour across some European countries. Nowadays, he’s ready to explore different horizons. Virtuosos such as Avicii, Alan Walker, The Strokes, and Franz Ferdinand inspired him to mix synths, acoustics, and blues-infused elements. There’s no doubt, “Light Years” is a testament to that beforementioned style.

Never shying away from a challenge, his biggest dream is to make music for a living. It seems this is only the beginning, however, many of you should put a lot of trust in his innate talent. He claims music is a form of communication as emotions are shown through his melodic compositions. Little by little, he will unveil unreleased fresh tunes that truly showcase his personality and passion. Stay tuned for what he brings next!



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