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Breaking Up In The Digital Age? Listen Carefully To “Digital Memories”



Breaking Up In The Digital Age
Breaking up in the digital age is so hard especially because of social media. “Digital Memories” by Simulated Youth is a relatable song about escaping from the reminders of a bad relationship or other bad memories across virtual communities. This is one heavy piece of Electro-Pop music with dark/cyberpunk nuances.

You will notice the whole melody takes influences from Alice Glass, Crystal Castles, and Die Antwoord. Nevertheless, the final outcome of this track is crazy and it embraces a full original concept. In addition to being danceable, it also makes you reflect on the modern digital world and getting lost within it.

Stream “Digital Memories” right here.

The vocals and rapping of New York-based singer Rielle represent an extra layer of flavor to the raw drums and electrifying synths. Drenched in a futuristic sonic atmosphere, “Digital Memories” will put you in a dreamlike state in mere seconds. Plus, it evokes a rebellious attitude to match your mood.

Simulated Youth is gaining some traction throughout the blogosphere. Independent musicians like him break with all paradigms prompting you to question different societal topics. Each of his songs has its own kind of deep meaning compared to mainstream artists. Above all, that’s exactly what generates an impact today.



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