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Brokli’s Latest Music Video Honors Mother Earth Gaia



With groovy Disco beats, Brokli pays homage to Mother Earth Gaia in his recent music video. Beyond its originality and concept, this feels like a splendid work of art!

A Surprising Second Single

After his extremely danceable debut, “Let Your Body Dance,” Brokli surprises everyone even more with this second single. Right off the bat, “Mother Gaia” whets your appetite for the catchy melodies that will be featured on his upcoming 2024 album, ‘Dimension Groove.’

Without being a fortune teller, I can assume that the compositions on this album will follow the same pattern as before. In other words, I bet they’ll be electrifying and eargasmic.

Brokli's music video featuring imagery of Mother Earth Gaia

Short Film Delight, Celebrating Mother Earth Gaia

It’s important to note that the recently released music video is actually a short film of approximately 9 minutes. The spirit of Mother Earth Gaia is celebrated and honored in this cinematic work with a brilliant message.

In fact, Brokli manages to awaken your consciousness through his music. And thanks to this banger, it’s understood that nature is interconnected with human beings.

Therefore, no matter how enslaved you are to technology and the digital world, it is precisely with Mother Earth Gaia where you find freedom.

On another note, the choreography in these visuals is truly luxurious and memorable. Perhaps the introduction was a bit long for my taste, but I still believe it’s essential to fully grasp the overall theme.

Vibrant artwork depicting Mother Earth Gaia
The mysticism, the costumes, the visual effects, and Brokli’s spark of energy position him as one of my favorite artists I’ve discovered this year on Electro Wow.

As a final point, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. At the end of the day, this review is also a reminder to make a better effort in taking care of our habitat, combating pollution, and addressing the global warming that terrifies humanity.



By Erick Ycaza

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