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Chico Sonido’s “Supernatural,” A Sweet & Sexy Twist To Reggaeton



With Mexican roots, Chico Sonido is a Reggaeton producer and DJ who travels the world and collaborates with various emerging artists. “Supernatural, his latest single featuring singer Cherry Chola, comes with cool visuals to add to your YouTube playlist of urban music.

Mixing Electronic and Latin Rhythms

Of course, if there’s one thing that perfectly describes Chico Sonido’s melodies, is the way he mixes contemporary rhythms based on electronic music and Latin sounds. You might think it’s a different kind of Reggaeton than what you’re used to hearing on the radio or TikTok.

No doubt, that’s exactly the case with “Supernatural,” as its sound is caramelized with a sensual female voice and smooth beats. By the way, it’s the opposite of those jams heavily influenced by Dembow.

Chico Sonido
Clearly, the producer creates a sweeter and more hypnotic atmosphere with his sexy Reggaeton flair. It’s still danceable, but not to the point where it allows you to twerk like most Spanish tracks you hear at the club.

Chico Sonido Introduces ‘Perreo En Yoga’ 

“Supernatural” proves that there’s a chill-out side to this musical style that few have explored. In fact, I can recall something in the same vein like Tainy, Bad Bunny, and Julieta Vanegas’s “Lo Siento BB:/” or Tomasa Del Real’s “Contigo,” where the beats per minute slow down and aren’t as instense as the norm.

On the other hand, the newly released music video for “Supernatural” has a futuristic and video game aesthetic. However, the lyrics reference the beauty of the body without plastic surgery. With that said, the song’s title is very fitting and original.

Chico Sonido Supernatural
Most importantly, this song is part of Chico Sonido’s upcoming album, ‘Perreo En Yoga,’ set to release on June 27th. Without further ado, I can assume his mind fills with wild ideas, and that’s exactly what creativity means to me!



By Erick Ycaza

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