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Dubstep Maestro: Shizo’s Triumphs In Remix Contests



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There’s no doubt remix contests offer a thrilling playground where experimentation and self-expression reign supreme. The German producer Daniel Blum, also known as Shizo van de Sunflower, shares his story about participating with a Lenny Kravitz remix on Acidplanet, overcoming all sorts of obstacles.

Remix Contests Are More Than Just Competition

This whole experience stands as a testament to what he can achieve with his artistic skills and knowledge of electronic music. Besides, he really enjoys remix contests as a way to challenge his creativity and put his skills to the test.

Despite the limitations of his technical capabilities at the time, Shizo’s determination shone through, earning him an impressive 85th place out of a staggering 1,500 entries.

“To get into the top 100 out of so many entries was exhilarating,” he exclaimed, the excitement of that moment still palpable in his words.

But the true value of the experience extended far beyond the accolades. Remix contests served as a valuable learning ground, allowing Shizo to hone his sampling skills and refine his craft.

Dubstep maestro Shizo van de Sunflower

Dubstep Domination: Shizo’s Signature Sound

At the heart of Shizo’s creative approach lies a deep respect for the original work, coupled with a desire to infuse it with his own unique style. Indeed, you can find his latest stuff on his official SoundCloud page, and let me tell you, it’s a straight-up explosion of “wub wub wub” sounds…

In other words, this guy knows how to dominate the Dubstep game when it comes to tweaking tracks. Take, for example, his remix of “Amala” by KID MUSS RAVEN. He adds some fresh electronic sounds to it, but he knows how to keep a good balance without straying too far from the raw version.

Either way, he revamps the whole damn tune with even more energy, and when you slap on those headphones, you’ll feel every note vibrating through your body. Oh, and just a side note, KID MUSS RAVEN is actually running a crowdfunding campaign to release their next album.

But wait, there’s more! Shizo works his magic on another remix, this time giving “Like This” by Huski a whole new groove. He throws in these sick sound textures that mimic industrial and mechanical noises. When you listen to it, you can’t help but picture robots going wild on the dance floor, all spastic-like.

The bass hits hard in this one, and it feels more futuristic than the previous example. His sound design techniques are top-notch because his effects create a distinctive atmosphere.

Free Remix Downloads

Moreover, you can download all these remixes and more for free, thanks to Shizo’s generosity on Electro Wow.

Through coaching, this talented artist is even collaborating with musicians from different genres like Hip-Hop and Folk. Best of all, that doesn’t stop him from venturing out and unleashing his creativity, ’cause that’s what he’s truly passionate about.

And if you appreciate the warm sound of a vinyl spinning on the turntable, then you absolutely can’t miss out on adding Shizo’s latest EP, ‘Simple Mind,’ to your collection. Trust me, it’s a must-have.



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