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Brray’s “Mis Amigas” Music Video Is Overflowing With Hot Twerking



Puerto Rican rapper Brray is known for his catchy Reggaeton beats and confidence to match. But his steamy music video for “Mis Amigas” brings hot twerking to an elevated state never seen.

Over an upbeat dembow rhythm, Brray celebrates friendship with funny rhymes. The accompanying clip is set in a nightclub where the party starts empty but ends up completely filled with dancers.

From the very first scene, the dancers command attention with coordinated booty-shaking choreography. Their hot twerking is in perfect sync yet unrestrained, radiating freedom and exuding a carefree spirit.

hot twerking
The Art of Twerking

What makes twerking stand out is its unabashed sensuality. Brray’s “Mis Amigas,” hit every beat with precision, bouncing and grinding in perfect unison. Besides, you will notice the dancers’ movements flow with fluid control and confidence.

Striking sensual poses and maintaining a joyful charisma on the dancefloor is the key. Likewise, dancing freely without rules and shaking the booty is simply the essence.

Empowerment Through Sexual Expression

Certainly, Brray and the dancers expand what’s possible for women in the male-dominated realm of Reggaeton. Their liberated approach to twerking exudes a message of empowerment through sexual liberation on their own terms.

From start to finish, the music video overflows with the kind of hot twerking that transcends creative limits. Also, I highly recommend listening to his previous banger, “Paralelos,” a collaborative cut with Polimá Westcoast and Pailita.



By Erick Ycaza

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