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The Best Griselda Songs — Secret Disco Soundtrack Revealed



best griselda songs
Sofia Vergara’s new Netflix series stand out with a funky flair. Discover the best Griselda songs and the top tracks from its Disco soundtrack on Electro Wow.

Griselda Blanco’s story is pretty shocking. Fleeing the danger and violence in her native Medellín, Colombia, she set up in the sunny streets of Miami a drug empire back in the late 70s/early 80s.

While each episode has all the grit and suspense we enjoy from crime and drama shows, the groovy bass lines and shimmering guitars add this special touch that takes the scenes to a new level. See the entire list below.

Episode 1 — Lady Comes To Town

Donna Summer – Hot Stuff

With its infectious funk groove and Summer’s powerhouse vocals belting the sexually charged lyrics, “Hot Stuff” was an anthem of female desire that helped bring disco into the mainstream.

With its upbeat Eastern-inspired melody and the female jubilant vocals, “Liza…Liza” evokes a lively celebration. The orchestra and the instrumentals are pure magic.

This classic gem incorporates elements of Disco music with a cosmic twist, creating an original and groovy sound that will make you feel like dancing on a celestial dancefloor.

Episode 2 – Rich White People

A great jam in the realm of underground Disco! Released in 1977, this infectious song is a testament to the groovy and vibrant sounds of the Disco era. With its pulsating bassline, funky guitar riffs, and energetic brass section, it is designed to get your body moving.

Joe Dassin – Salut

From start to end, it’s a beautiful Disco ballad sung in French, and, of course, charged with romanticism. It tells a heartwarming story of friendship and nostalgia, plus, those iconic whistles serve as a delightful musical motif.

Episode 3 – Mutiny

Umberto Tozzi – Gloria

Certainly, this Spanish Disco hit has undeniably stood the test of time and it’s still popular today. Originally released in the late 70s in the Italian language, this melodic number blends elements of Pop and Rock. Tozzi’s emotive delivery skillfully captures the raw emotions of desire and longing.

Boney M – Gotta Go Home

There’s a perfect mix of Disco and Reggae nuances that will get you moving and grooving in no time. With its catchy chorus and energetic beats, “Gotta Go Home,” feels like a feel-good anthem.

Episode 4 – Middle Management

Jimmy Briscoe And The Beavers – Invitation To The World

It features an undeniable touch of Soul accompanied by enchanging Disco beats. With Jimmy Briscoe’s heartfelt vocals leading the way, “Invitation To The World” translates into a journey of love, hope, and unity.

 Episode 5 – Paradise Lost

No doubt, the catchy chorus and upbeat rhythm create an atmosphere of carefree joy, under the quality seal of Italo Disco. It’s impossible not to love the sound of those synthesizers that impose themselves as vibrant and glamorous.

Miami Sound Machine, Gloria Estefan – Dr. Beat

Gloria Estefan’s vocals in “Dr. Beat” are like a party starter that you just can’t resist. Honestly, this track has more of an Electro-Pop vibe rather than straight-up Disco, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome.

Episode 6 – Adios, Miami

Coke – Na Na

The horn sections + the prominent brass on repeat, make “Na Na” an authentic Funk piece. Naturally, it’s a slow Disco jam that’s perfect for letting loose.

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