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“Buzzz” By Lundi bleu Is OUT TODAY On All Streaming Apps!



Lundi bleu
The new track by French musicians Lundi bleu is already buzzing around the world. It was made live in collaboration with Belgian Grammy winner Jeremy Loucas.

Alex B (Alexis Barbosa), Lundi bleu founder, has worked with ‘la creme de la creme’ for its new song recorded at Sear Sound in New York. This iconic studio in the Time Square area hosted the best artists such as Lenny Kravitz and Paul McCartney.

Jeremy co-producer and mixing engineer is also part of the band N/UM who performed at the last Burning Man festival and for the New Year Eve party at The Brooklyn Mirage/Avant Gardner.

Lundi bleu started to DJ in the 18th arrondissement of Paris in the underground club Chez Moune. The duo founded with Raphael Giagnorio became a staple band of the Parisian nightlife with multiple residencies at Silencio, Carmen, Le Perchoir, Badabooum, and at Cannes Film Festival.

In New York, Lundi bleu recently performed to Elsewhere, Spring Studios, and Bar Belly. Lundi bleu owns its own label named Lundi bleu Records hosting artists like Dj Be Saint, Trys, Azuro, etc.

“Buzzz” is the 9th track of the new Lundi bleu album. Out today on all your streaming apps!



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Düschek Just Released Good Techno Songs On New EP ‘Reptilian’



good techno songs
Melbourne-based producer, Düschek has truly created a booty-shaker material with his two-track EP, ‘Reptilian. Here you can expect good Techno songs that are incredibly catchy for all the late nights…

Be prepared to be taken on a journey where the sonic atmosphere feels dark and ravey. Likewise, watch the fire burn once the stomping beats and driving drums merge into one wholeness of joy.

Düschek is eager to impress party animals who know the real celebration happens behind closed doors in underground venues.

Furthermore, DJs looking for new club weapons should be advised these pounding sounds make the dance floor an inviting space for everyone.

The ‘Reptilian’ EP mastered by Chris McCormack is available to stream via Spotify and SoundCloud.

On the other hand, this EP encompasses ecstatic textures that will keep you thirsting for more… Not to mention, there’s also a fierce melodic force behind such good Techno songs that evolve into more sophisticated tunes.

In fact, the way Düschek incorporates analog elements deriving from his favorite synthesizers gives these bangers a particular crisp vibe that’s impossible not to praise.

Without further ado, ‘Reptilian’ is a daring production that fulfills every boundary of the electronic music realm.



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Chris Mørgan Releases His Techno Banger, “Play This Song”



Chris Mørgan
DJ/Producer Chris Mørgan from Switzerland releases his fresh Techno track “Play This Song” which is guaranteed to be taking over clubs.

The incessantly catchy sampled vocals will stay ingrained in the listener’s head for days on end; paired with a densely rich soundscape of a heavy kick drum complimented by airy synths which rest comfortably on the top of the mix, make this an all-round spectacular track.

Chris Mørgan decided to release this track as the debut single under his new label, called ‘Afterparty in Paradise’ – it’s the perfect stepping stone from which his record label can blossom into a range of Electronic music avenues.

➤ Download/Stream

About the artist

Despite having a passion for music from a young age, Swiss-born Chris Mørgan only started producing his own music in 2018 under the alias ‘Krister’ and signed on to various record labels including Smash The House, Revealed, Hexagon & Soave.

Following his successes, he embarked upon a new pathway in his musical journey and explored new soundscapes; here, he adopted the alias ‘Chris Mørgan’ who brought a unique sound to the densely populated genre of Techno music. He aims to project his creative mindfulness into Chris Mørgan exclusively and this distinguished artist is certainly not one to miss – the future of Techno music. Chris Mørgan’s tracks are signed on labels such as Autektone, The Beat Must Fuck, IAMT & more.. Stay tuned for more…



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LISTEN NOW: Anon.Anon.Anon Shares Techno Mixtape ‘FoRC£’



Techno mixtape Anon.Anon.Anon
One of the first things you’ll notice when listening to this Techno mixtape titled ‘FoRC£,’ is a good dose of fast-paced beats. Hailing from Norwich, UK, Anon.Anon.Anon is the pseudonym of a DJ and producer whose sets are particularly live, unrehearsed, and unedited!

After a long break in his music career, he’s ready to make waves again in the underground scene with pounding sounds and ravey synths that are perfect for any dance floor. Most importantly, he tries to make mixes to articulate his emotions at the time of creation.

Additionally, this Techno mixtape is a compilation of powerful tracks, each featuring its own unique tone and tempo. Not for nothing, it has steadily grown in popularity via SoundCloud over the last few months…

Anon.Anon.Anon delivers transitions as clean as possible while the energy and intensity are an invitation to get out of your seat and throw your hands in the air.

Check it out, the adrenaline rush is real!

On a side note, Anon.Anon.Anon started his venture as a DJ in 1989, first playing house parties then got a slot at Back to Basics. Soon after, he moved to a gay club called Vague and performed there during an important period.

Today, he’s a firm believer that music is therapeutic and it improves mental health conditions. Actually, his productions facilitate him opportunities for expression in many ways.

With fresh new ideas, his melodies are the result of what dictates his mood and his heart. Naturally, here improvisation becomes art, and his skills mark the difference.

Lastly, another good recommendation is his recent remix inspired by Andrea Bertolini. Don’t miss it!



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