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Can You Imagine Being On The Disco Floor Dancing To Sworn Virgins?



Through the usage of electro synths, defiant lyrics, 80s style drums, and catchy hooks, Sworn Virgins never fail to impress. In support of their new single “Searchin For Hiro, they’ve dropped one of the best music videos of 2022.

Directed by Steve Mackey and Douglas Hart, these visuals look somewhat like a dark version of ABBA’s “Voulez-Vous” iconic clip.

Above all, if you don’t feel like dancing after listening to this banger, then you may be a stick…

Without question, “Searchin For Hiro” is a euphoric anthem for the creatures of the night, and it’s remarkable.

Sworn Virgins

By the same token, the frenetic pace immediately gets your feet moving as soon as you realized dancing to Sworn Virgins is an experience of a lifetime.

Thus, their sound stimulates similar effects as hallucinogens. 

Aside from that, fans of retro music will adore the fact it’s been built on a sample of the Skatt Brothers. To be more precise, I’m referring to “Walk The Night.”

Finally, it should be noted “Searchin For Hiro” is featured on the newly-released four-track EP, ‘Strangers Hands.’ No doubt, the Londoners are looking forward to conquering the Disco charts around the world.



By Erick Ycaza

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