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Get Lost In The Synthwave Style Of Fat James Right Away!



The world is saturated with mainstream stuff, so, why not have a listen to the Synthwave style of Fat James?

The Scottish duet formed by Keir Smith and Ian Beattie (Man With Glasses) rises above the ordinary alongside their debut single via the Pink Dolphin Music label.

Entitled “Savoy Blue (Solstice 1986), a driving bassline plays throughout the song while drums kick in for maximum melancholy. Tripping and getting lost in this straightforward rhythm is the goal!

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Synthwave style

Furthermore, these artists keep the nostalgia alive and ultra-fresh thanks to the glow-in-the-dark visuals. Without a doubt, the choreography, the neon aesthetics, and just everything is on point.

Not to mention, sounds capture the carefree summer days and nights of the mid-80s in minimalistic splendor. It’s really mind-blowing how a simple track can bring back powerful memories.

Supercharged by the Synthwave style, Fat James offers a slow-building retro vibe that recalls Kavinsky and Lazerhawk’s best gems.

As a matter of fact, their joint effort gradually evolves into something ideal for accompanying Tech-Noir films or even cyberpunk video games.

There’s still a long way to go as creativity knows no limits. You can expect them to experiment with the colorful spectrum of electronic beats over the months to come, stay tuned.



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