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Cara Marrón Delivers A Funky Electronic Sound On “Rob Da Bot”



funky electronic sound
You can pick the music that works best for you in order to get in a good mood. My suggestion would be Cara Marrón‘s “Rob Da Bot” as it features a funky electronic sound that will cheer you up. For one thing, this release reminds me of Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre. While the song title itself makes reference to a robot, his futuristic approach is beyond discussion. At the same time, the sound design is all about complex instrumentation and diverse elements from a wide range of genres.

You’ll surely notice a bit of Jazz, House and even Psy-trance influence on Cara’s style. As a result, originality is the best word to describe his avant-garde composition. Moreover, the Israeli artist demonstrates with this debut single he’s a one-of-a-kind Producer able to challenge traditional music rules. In short, expect glitchy beats to groove out to all night long. I’m sure he will hit hard with his very first EP soon. Stay tuned!



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