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Carolyn Marie Interview 2015



carolyn marie
I’m very happy to have the chance to learn more about this talented lady!  her name is Carolyn Marie, she’s an independent artist who has quite literally opened doors for herself. Her unstoppable enthusiasm and exacting nature led her to seek out and work with top industry professionals such as multiplatinum and Grammy award winning producer, Earl Cohen, and EMI/Sony ATV producer, Synematik. Read the full interview below.

1 – How old are you? Where do you live?

I’m twenty three years old, and live in Hunterdon County, NJ.

2 – Did you realize at a young age that you were a special talent?

I don’t think I ever realized. Entertaining, singing, and dancing is just what I do. My Mom always said she knew since I was young though. She said she couldn’t keep her eyes off me while I was in dance recitals when I was very young. She figured it was just because she was my Mom, but when other parents came over to her and started saying “I couldn’t stop staring at Carolyn! I didn’t even watch my kid! She was amazing!” that it confirmed her inkling that I had star quality. That’s too much pressure for me to think about though.

3 – Do you have a formal music education?

Yes, I’ve been taking vocal lessons since I was about ten years old. Now, I study with some of the best coaches in the music industry. Continuing your musical education is very important and should be just as much of a priority as writing and performing.

4 – How would you describe your music style?

I fall into the pop/rock category with a little bit of a dance vibe as well. I have a pretty broad spectrum of what I perform which always makes it super fun to write because I can let my imagination go wild.

5 – Who are your favorite DJs? Why?
I really like Calvin Harris. I love his melodic phrases in his music, and how he cohesively incorporates huge drums with a super ambient feel. I also love Zedd. He’s a monster DJ and producer!

6 – Do you get nervous before a performance?

I actually get nervous after performances. It’s a little strange. I think about the performance, how I did, and how the audience might react to me later that night. I’ll only get nervous before performances if I can’t find my zen and get into my performance mode. Then I get a little anxious.

7 – Are you planning a concert tour? 

Not right now. I’m currently working on a full length album. That’s all I can say!

8 – What’s the name of your latest single? What is it about?

My latest single is “Take Back The Power” featuring Eric LeGrand who is an inspirational icon. It’s about believing in yourself even when the odds are stacked against you. Soon, I will be releasing a music video for the song.

9 – How do you balance your music with other obligations? 

I’m one of those people who loves to be super busy. I get anxious about having nothing to do, but music is also my number one priority besides family. Everything else comes second to it. I make to do lists to stay on tasks so I don’t aimlessly waste time. I also learned to put my phone away and not sign into social media accounts until all my work is done for the day. You’d be so surprised how much extra time you actually have.

10 – What are your current career priorities?

My current goals are to finish up my full length album, shoot a few more music videos, and tour the country. My long term goals are to keep making great music that people enjoy, be able to one day play Madison Square Garden, and support some charities that are close to my heart.

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