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Contemporary Hip-Hop Artist Leol Unveils Ethereal Melodies On “Type”



contemporary hip-hop
, a contemporary Hip-Hop artist from Chicago joins the evolution of this musical genre with his recent single “Type.Besides being a singer he’s also a music video director. Sure enough, you can expect unforgettable cinematic experiences through his original creations, either visual or sonic projects.

“Type” becomes synonymous with ethereal melodies and delicate vibes. Somehow, the art of seduction is felt upon hearing the lyrics. If I’m not mistaken, the tune describes a courtship phase, where luxury and expensive presents are commonly part of dating.

But the question which may arise in your mind deals with the role of gift-giving in a relationship… After thinking a lot, this song draws you into that scene due to its vivid storytelling.

Without further ado, hit the play button and enjoy the smooth beat of “Type” here.

Believe it or not, Leol’s grand debut “Call Now” is a milestone in his fast-rising career as he received over 100K streams on Spotify. The perfect blend of soulful and contemporary Hip-Hop helps him express his heart-warming verses of love. Indeed, the source of inspiration behind these hypnotic compositions is his wife.

Have a listen to his first-ever EP ‘Ghosthours’ in order to discover more romantic cuts carrying a dark flavor.



By Erick Ycaza

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