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Christina Rubino Releases Bold New Single And Video “Godspeed & Guns”



Christina Rubino Releases Bold New Single And Video "Godspeed & Guns"
Emerging indie artist Christina Rubino announced today the release of her latest single and video, “Godspeed & Guns,” the title track off her new album produced by Jerry Farley. It’s available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, and more.

After hitting rock bottom in her personal life, Christina has battled her own demons, overcome challenges, and chosen to use her experiences to help others through music. This is no smoke and mirrors performer – her words hold an authenticity that can only come from someone who speaks from genuine experience. Her raw, rustic lyrics resonate on a deep level; the scenarios explored within the songs are all very real.

Dubbed a female Johnny Cash by some, Christina is taking the folk scene by storm, finding success by sharing her unique alternative edge – blending groovy bass lines, soulful guitar licks, and vocals overflowing with emotion. The track list for “Godspeed & Guns” is quite eclectic and ranges from indie folk tunes to dreamlike piano ballads, all with a story to tell.

Of Christina, Indie Artist Alliance said, “[She] is not some tacky superficial artist trying to get your attention; she has lived the life and walks the walk. She is for real, this music is real, and it’s what the world needs right now – something real.”

Christina’s next single, “Shadow,” will be released along with the full album on January 6, 2017.



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