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Confessions Of A Techno Producer, Meet ROMAN CIGI — Interview




Roman Cigan aka ROMAN CIGI is a fast-rising producer whose DJ sets have moved dancefloors in Ibiza and also in the UK’s Ministry Of Sound. The London-based artist’s expertise has strengthened important collaborations with Ted Jensen, Eric Sneo, Brosso, among others. In this interview, he shares his views about the Techno genre and exclusive details regarding his new banger, “Take Off.”

1 – As a producer, why did you choose Techno and not mainstream styles of music?

I’m working with various genres of music, but at the moment focusing on Techno and Progressive House and I love it.

To me, Techno is so mysterious, aggressive, and unique compared with other genres like Dance, House, or Trance. My taste is something between 123 – 130 bpm. The main reason why I choose underground music or Techno will be because I’m a DJ and not a singer.

I do like Pop music and still, listen on a regular basis, but Techno/club music will always be number one. Sometimes you don’t even need a reason, everybody likes different things.

2 – What do you think is the biggest misconception about this genre?

In my experience people who don’t like Techno says:

It’s just banging with an iron bar or this music is just for people who are taking drugs.

All these things that I heard from people who are saying that, are not so true, but I’m not arguing with those people.

Everybody is different and I just accept it.

Let’s say for instance you like Techno and your friend doesn’t, so what NOW? You don’t stop listening to Techno because some of your friends don’t like what you like, right!

About the drugs part, they’re everywhere and you can’t do anything about that. No matter if you’re in school, at work, or at a party.

I don’t like drugs and I don’t need them, a few drinks during the gig or party are just fine, but sometimes I don’t even need alcohol, all I need is just good music and surround myself with great people.

I like over 10 various music genres and in each music style I can find something unique about that, everything depends on your mood and situation.

I’m really happy I can switch music genres because if I listen to one genre over and over again, it’s getting boring.

To me, as I mentioned in the previous answer, Techno is unique and that’s why it has just a small group of audience and not everybody gets or understands this type of music. In short, you like Techno or you don’t.

3 – What makes a good Techno track?

A great idea, deep basses, kicks, melody. Basically, put all these things together, and if it sounds good let’s make some noise. You will need time, a time to learn making music, imagination, you have to experiment and be patient with the result.

You can make a track in a day, week, or 1 month, everything depends on your library, equipment, experiences/skills, and goals.

4 —Do you prefer playing festivals or clubs? Why?

I have never played at a festival, yet. Both are definitely beneficial and will get you to the next level. Even if I didn’t play at a festival, in my opinion, it’s slightly better than a club.

More adrenaline, more people, better experience. Of course, it depends on the type of festival!

5 – In your opinion, what kind of vibes do you get from “Take Off”?

I feel positive vibes, a rising melody with elements symbolizing power & energy with the expectation of what will come. It’s like a plane taking off.

You’re waiting for that last moment when the plane leaves the ground, and then you have that weird feeling in your stomach & boom. 🙂

6 – Were you influenced by new or old records?


7 – How did you handle mistakes during the recording process at the studio?

Basically, all music production is done by myself, excluding mastering and for this purpose, all I need is just a laptop.

I’m working in the Ableton Live in arrangement view without any external instruments or hardware. I carefully listen to parts of the track over and over again, if something doesn’t sound or fit well with my ideas, just simply remove or replace the part of the track with new sound or samples.

Once the song’s done I do only amateur mastering myself and If I feel this should be ready for proper mastering, then will send it to the mastering engineer as a final part of the whole process.

The mastering engineer will send me a mastered track in 1-5 days, then I listen to the song again, if there are any issues I’ll make a change in my track before mastering and then send it to the engineer again.

Usually, I don’t do more than 2 revisions. If there are no issues after the mastering process then the song is ready for distribution.

8 – After watching the “Take Off” music video, I guess you love traveling. Is this true?

Yes, I love traveling and think it’s great. Currently, I don’t travel too much, which will change in the future.

9 – What do you think your next single might be called?

The new single already has a name, but it’s too soon to tell. All I can tell at the moment, it’s a techno :-).

Also before this new single, there were remixes to my current release “Take Off.” The first remix should be released in March 2022. Stay Tuned!

10 – Thank you so much for participating in this interview. Please add any additional comments or reflections that you might have.

First, big THANKS to you Erick for doing this interview with me. I think your blog Electro Wow it’s absolutely amazing.

To you all – do what you love, don’t focus on negative people who bring no value to you or to your life, and try to surround yourself with great and positive people, keep growing, stop looking for excuses and find solutions.

Thank you all for reading this, more music projects are on their way. Have a good one! Peace.



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