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Crysand ‘Supernova’ Album Review



Crysand formed by Chris and Andy will release ‘Supernova’ on August 5 as their first concept album, following the global success of their breakout hit “Experiment“. This special album will feature a cycle of 12 songs expressing a great explosion of sounds, such as, Dance, Techno, Industrial and Rock music. A very interesting album project in the world of electronic music not to be missed!

Find my album review below.


1. Supernova Enjoy the first seconds of cosmic sounds from outer space, and then the vocals give life to the song that shines as a Supernova! 
2. The Experiment The breakout hit and first single from Crysand, features an aggresive electronica beat and Rock style vocals by Andrew Thomas. This song will be perfect for a hardbeat rave party!

3. Nobody Is Perfect Here’s another song with a cool futuristic theme. I’m loving the part when the vocalist, Denisee Watts repeatedly sings “Nobody’s Perfect” in a way that is positive and sexy.

4. Beside Your Lies This song is a crossover between Progressive House and Industrial music. When it reaches the climax you’ll notice electronic music at the purest level.

5. Be Natural A very nice robotic song influenced by space rhythms and of course Industrial music, which is very typical in Crysand.

6. You Didn’t Work Enough It is a tune for Rock music fans, I know they will love it! Lel Brothas’ vocals are compatible with the concept of the album too.

7. Cosmic Sex One of the darkest songs on the whole album, I enjoyed it!

8. Not Your Candy Great tune with a sexy intro given by Denisse Watts. This is a combination of sweet melodies and hard electronica beats.

9. The Intruder This is one of my favorite songs, it asks the listener to DANCE! It’s unique and once again very futuristic!

10. Reborn A special song! Chris from Crysand features his vocals for the very first time on his album, he is involved mostly with the instruments. I found some Dubstep elements on this track.

11. You No joking, this one is 100% Dubstep and sounds pretty good in my opinion!

12. Cyde Susy The last song of the ‘Supernova’ album could be described as “beautiful”, I think it sounds different than the other songs. This will provide you a relaxed mood as well.

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