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Dance-Pop Songs Is What Makes Fridays More Fun, Meet Fortune Favor



dance-pop songs
Life is good especially on a Friday. But above all, Dance-Pop songs are the best companion to get ready for the weekend with plenty of energy and fun. For this reason, I feel the need to talk about a new electronic music duo called Fortune Favor.

This up-and-coming East Coast project is comprised of Marcus Munroe and William Gingerich. The first listen of their debut single, “Can’t Get Enough” will blow you away. So yeah, it’s great for having a euphoric singalong.

These guys leave an unforgettable mark without deviation from the melodic formula which characterizes modern Dance-Pop songs. Therefore, you can’t argue with its quality.

On the one hand,  rich lyricism conveys emotions, while on the other, the track’s upbeat nature compels you to groove. I can guarantee such a vision gives aural pleasure even if you don’t feel like dancing. Check it out here.

Despite being from different musical backgrounds, the duo turned contrasting experiences into opportunities. As a result, they deliver a unique sonic experience through “Can’t Get Enough” as it’s intended to spice up your day.

In conclusion, Fortune Favor demonstrate some of the most ferocious narrative songwriting alongside top-notch arrangements around. Amazing bass drops, heavy synths, and powerful vocals enhance their ‘newcomer’ status.



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