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Check Out Deltiimo’s Addictive Club Anthem “Welcome To The Real World”



Before he was busy producing some of the most uplifting dance anthems of the last few years, British songwriter, lyricist, and producer Gary Louca was refining his sound under the moniker of Xturnal. It was a name that became synonymous with the 90’s, but now, almost three decades later, Louca has taken on a new, brighter form. Joining forces with international songwriter and producer Bradon Grobler, Louca is now a central part of the UK’s hottest, pop music production duo, Deltiimo.

Deltiimo only truly began in early 2017, with the pair meeting to working on remixes for Irish singer George Rigby, but soon became one of the year most prolific creative forces. Together, they co-wrote over an album’s worth of songs and were quickly signed their first song to Mental Madness Records. Although they’ve predominantly blazed a trail of modern hits, for their latest single they’ve taken the time to look back and reflect on past anthems.

Although originally an underground hit in 1992 under Louca’s Xturnal moniker, Deltiimo have taken “Welcome To The Real World” and made it into a contemporary club anthem of their very own. It’s been reworked, redefined, and reinvented, with brand vocals from the brilliant Lisa and a far more vibrant aesthetic. It’s a track that hit the #1 spot on Kings Of Spin’s on its very first day, and it’s easy to see why.

Check Out Deltiimo's Addictive House Anthem "Welcome To The Real World"

Lyrically, the song is as uplifting and positive as Deltiimo can be, setting the positive vibes against a flowing wave of dance beats and house electronics. The music echoes with 90’s nostalgia, holding firm to the original piece, while the production manages to give a far more contemporary feel to the piece, letting it comfortably lie somewhere between modern and dated. It’s a solid slice of Deltiimo magic that sees the duo shifting their focus and taking stock of their past work, proving that while their own branding might be new, there’s an absolute wealth of talent and history within.

You can stream “Welcome To The Real World” on Spotify, and catch their new lyric video on YouTube above!



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