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Discover The Artist Who Is “Blessed To Chant” — Amir Paiss



Amir Paiss
Amir Paiss
is an Australia-based artist who has found spirituality through music. Nowadays, it’s hard to find notable singers whose songs carry a message of peace, love, and connection as Amir does. Commercial pop music is saturated with danceable hits, and it is understandable because, at the end of the day, it is a profitable business. However, I also believe there’s always time to chill out with different melodies.  Better, even if lyrics help you achieve a state of well-being.

To the surprise of many, Amir has had so many musical influences. Undoubtedly, the uniqueness of his art leans toward the same lines of  Middle Eastern, Arab, Jewish & Indian folk/world music. Not to mention, he’s also a great admirer of Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Leonard Cohen, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd.

Amir Paiss music
With a music career than span over 30 years, the Israel native is convinced about the healing properties of chanting and singing. Moreover, one of his purposes is to bring forth his creative offerings as medicinal capsules of connection. Nothing is more pleasant when you discover an artist who wants to create human ties regardless of differences. Certainly, this is best illustrated with the release of his multilingual single “Blessed To Chant” in collaboration with Deva Premal. Watch the video below.



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