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This Acid-Laced EP Causes Feelings Of ‘Euphoria’… Bates Belk Is Back!



This Acid-Laced EP Causes Feelings Of 'Euphoria'... Bates Belk Is Back!

Photo by Sebastian Runge

Electronic music producer, Bates Belk returns from 5-year hiatus with a hot EP titled ‘Euphoria’. In order to innovate, he brings something unconventional to the table. A material inspired by Berlin’s atmosphere of freedom and open-minded society. As a matter of fact, it was produced in Germany’s capital city. Surprisingly, voice and breath recordings were done during sexual encounters by performance artists with different sexual orientations. Taking this into account, Belk embraces a concept, which celebrates gender fluidity and diversity. Feelings of euphoria are triggered due to acid-laced rhythms and raw techno energy. Above all, his music becomes the best antidote against oppression.

If you wish to experience trippy visuals, Belk’s new single “Euphoria” comes with psychedelic animations to achieve that purpose. On a side note, this is the first taste of his upcoming album ‘The Dark Spektrum’ to be released in 2020. One of the most intriguing details is that it will feature the collaboration of 50 Berlin-based artists. It has also been mixed by none other than Gareth Jones, who is known for projects with Depeche Mode, Erasure, Interpol, etc. Sincerely, I can’t wait for this album release to arrive. Stay posted, more news soon!



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