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Discover The Techno Scene That Lies Hidden In The Netherlands



Discover The Techno Scene That Lies Hidden In The Netherlands
In today’s day and age, electronic dance music is at the forefront of entertainment. The Netherlands is fighting for 1st place along with Germany, Spain and the UK to be the main hub of everything party related.

Techno is currently the main sound being distributed from speakers all across Europe and has actually been booming since the early 80s. Ravers from across the world regularly head to party destinations like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht to get their fix of 4/4 beats abetted by hard hitting hi-hats and deep bouncy baselines.

To many people in Europe, Techno is the most sophisticated form of electronic music. Its steady beat at 128 bpm (or more) gives off a fast paced yet spacious feeling that helps you hear each and every individual sound that comes out of each track.

In the Netherlands, particularly Rotterdam, the Techno scene is more than packed every weekend – whilst the throbbing beat plays to filled bunkers of people, the electric atmosphere never dies down. You might be thinking to yourself; damn, sounds hectic. And you should. A night out in Rotterdam clubs Toffler, Perron, Voodoo and Masillo is a more than hectic night out for the feint of heart. That being said, it is definitely not an unsafe environment. In fact, you would be safer in one of these clubs than on the streets on the weekend.

To put a picture in your head of what these places are really like. Toffler is an abandoned metro station. The moment you walk in you can hear the filtered heavy kick in the background. As you head to the lockers, un-familiar faces will be dancing, greeting and heavily getting into the groove. The tunnel like dance floor is specially developed for the hard core ravers to head to the front and for the chillers to chill out on the couches on the sides or in the smoking rooms.

Names like Chris Liebing, Nina Kraviz, Seth Troxler, Loco Dice, Marco Carola, Nic Fanciulli, Hot Since 82 and Adam Beyer are all names that have been seated in the dynamic DJ booth. Techno is known for being quite a heavy genre, those of you that haven’t been to a party with a massive set played by a “popular techno DJ” probably don’teven know what proper Techno sounds like.

There are also quite a few sub-genre’s for Techno. Jungle Techno is usually made up of complex “jungle” sounding drums, with background bongo melodies. In Rotterdam and the UK they are known for their Industrial Techno – which entails sounds from heavy machinery, metal scratching sounds and basically just a lot darker and heavier. The melodic Techno is what most people really get into these days – because who doesn’t love a nice melody along with a heavy beat? Then we head on to the popular genre of Tech House which is a fusion of the heavy hitting percussions and kicks from Techno mixed with the melodic bass lines and pads that house music has to offer. This type of music has been around for a long time and it seems like it is slowly growing into something that can be enjoyed also in America.

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