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Discover Why Indie-Pop Charts Are Loving “Bright Light” By Neil And Adam



neil and adam bright light
Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Neil and Adam not only have a longtime friendship since childhood but also share the same passion for creating songs since their teenage years. Certainly, it has been 20 years since they started this Indie-Pop project and their new single “Bright Light” is one more endeavor that deserves to be heard. Moreover, it represents a great collaboration with heavyweight names in the music industry such as producer Mike Rogers and mastering engineer Chris Gehringer. The female backing vocalist on “Bright Light” is Sara Sangfelt, who was a finalist on Sweden Idol 2013. Press play below.

Coming from musical families, you can tell their talents were inherited. Best of all, “Bright Light” is grabbing the attention of global Indie-Pop charts. Originality and substance are key when it comes to lyrics. On this occasion, Neil and Adam dig up those aspects inside out. Add to this, a rockish vibe unmatched by any other track from the duo. With an uplifting groove, this tune revolves around time and love. Likewise, it shares an instant appeal thanks to the crystal clear vocals and a chorus that feels so good to the ears.



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