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Dive Into Blissful Acoustic Sounds And Poetry With Alex Genadinik’s Music



Under the premise, music is poetry in motion, Alex Genadinik unveils the visuals for “Guardians Of Souls.Dive into blissful acoustic sounds and let the vivid lyrics come to life with your own imagination.

Alex’s songwriting and storytelling abilities are his forte. Indeed, you can feel his emotions in every word.

“Guardians Of Souls.” is the ideal example of how his poetic voice as a writer has perfected over the last 20 years.

A beautiful tribute song to the wonders of art, in particular, those who consider themselves poets and musicians. Get carried away by the deep narrative force while he creates breathtaking moments that uplift your soul.

acoustic sounds

Making his way to the top as an online teacher on Udemy thanks to his best-selling business and marketing courses, the New York-based artist is tracing for the very first time a musical route.

Taking inspiration from Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, his passion for acoustic sounds conjures the 60s era. Besides, inspirational and meaningful verses fit well the organic instrumentals.

In brief, when things get tough, just remember there are sensational tunes like “Guardians Of Souls.” Being able to convey a message of hope the way he does is worthy of admiration and even respect.



By Erick Ycaza

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