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DJ Tips: How To Read A Crowd?



DJ Tips: How To Read A Crowd?


If this night is your first time playing to a crowd of people you don’t know, the main difference you notice is how much thought you need to put into your tunes in order to keep people on the dance floor.

In time, you’ll become a body language expert, looking at the reactions of the people on the floor as they throw their hands in the air and dance like there’s no tomorrow, or throw their hands up in the air in disgust . . .

First, think about how you react when you’re at a club. When you’re enjoying yourself, what do you do? If you’re the type who grins from ear to ear and throws your hands in the air to dance music, or headbangs to rock music, and you’re playing the kind of music that makes you want to do that, look for this kind of response from the people on the dance floor.

When you’re bored and listless, how do you react? Look into people’s eyes. If they’re staring into the distance or at the floor, or if they’re dancing with no real thought or energy, they’ve gone to a happy place in their heads, waiting for something to change. It’s up to you to make that change.

Don’t base your readings on just the people in front of you. Look through the crowd. If you get a chance to go for a wander, walk around and look at how people are responding to the music. A glum face isn’t a good thing to see. Fifteen glum faces are a kick up the backside that should make you play some- thing better.

Just ask . . . if you dare

The relationship you’ve developed with the toilet attendant and bar staff can really help you out. They’re a great source of information on how well you’re doing, and how the night is going.

If you want, you can just ask people how they’re enjoying their night, either personally or collectively, over the microphone. If you get a collective groan, or even worse, silence, change the music quickly. If you get cheers, whoops and hands in the air, keep it going; you’re doing well.

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