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Do You Love 90s Hip-Hop? Get To Know DJ Raw B



Do You Love 90s Hip-Hop? Get To Know DJ Raw B
It is not necessary to take a time machine in order to revive the 90s Hip-Hop melodies thanks to DJ Raw B. The latest album from the  American producer, ‘Uncorrupted‘, is packed with old-school vibes with a modern appeal. You can feel the flowing energy throughout the 16 tracks as he puts into practice the motto, «creativity is intelligence having fun». On this occasion, the classically-trained DJ joins forces with different talents who showcase their expertise in rhyme schemes through the use of clever wordplay.

DJ Raw B took his first steps towards a successful career in the underground Hip-Hop scene. He will never forget his first appearance on Beat Sauce, San Francisco’s best urban-themed show for rising artists. Indeed, with some special guests like Jay-Z, Eminem, Outkast, Common, the Black Eyed Peas, etc… you can assume he was in close contact with the stars. Over the years, he was awarded as “Best Local Club DJ” in 2001 by the San Franciso Bay Guardian. Nowadays, he continues to collaborate with artists across the states, plus, his new solo projects rapidly gain popularity on digital platforms. So, take a second, put some headphones in, and enjoy his new music.



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