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Donata – Revolution [Video]



DONATA released a superb song consisting of a mix of dance beats together with strong rock-esque vocals. In my opinion she’s a very original female artist who creates different stuff for the EDM community.

The release has been celebrated with a string of stage appearances, at which gigs Donata has performed with a live rock band. Below you can watch the official music video for “Revolution”.

Who is new upcoming artist Donata?

, who was born in 1986 in Hungary to a middle-class Lithuanian family, got her first taste of real fame when she entered a nationally televised talent show for unknown Lithuanian artists. She made the finals. In 2008, she released her debut pop record, which was written and recorded in the Lithuanian language. Living now in Turkey, she has been working with the famous Turkish music producer Erkan Tatoglu to polish up “Revolution,” her debut to the English-speaking world.

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